Peter Krocka

International Head of People & Culture (cover)

Peter has been shaping and implementing people-focused strategies including recruitment, engagement, retention, and talent development in diverse organisations ranging from tech startups to corporations. He is passionate about creating organisational cultures in which people can trust each other, collaborate, and continuously improve. He values people, ownership, value-focused mindsets, and building efficient processes that guide but do not hinder. Peter has worked for various consultancy companies, with clients in retail, healthcare, and fitness and lifestyle. He has enabled companies to scale and expand to new markets by delivering projects in the fields of e-commerce, digital services, client software, and consumer devices. Peter is committed to helping others, animals, and the environment by volunteering his time as a mentor for isolated members of society, caring for animals in shelters, and keeping districts in his city clean.

Latest updates and news

What is UNEA-6 and why is ProVeg going?

ProVeg will participate in the sixth session of the United National Environmental Assembly, marking the third time our UN Advocacy team will be represented.

Cat and dog in grass

Can you feed your dog or cat a plant-based diet?

Recent research suggests that there is little evidence of negative health outcomes in dogs and cats that are fed nutritionally complete plant-based diets.

Looking back on COP28 and forward to COP29

The UN Advocacy Team at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) Now that all the dust has…

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