Behind the scenes at the European Commission on Agriculture summit in Budapest (27-28 September 2023)

ProVeg International joined the proceedings as national representatives from countries across Europe and Central Asia came together in Budapest, Hungary, to discuss food-systems transformation.

New Food Conference stage

New Food Conference 2023: Looking to the future of food

In October, the New Food Conference will once again dive into alternative protein, including plant-based retail, the out-of-home market, and the role that cultivated meat will play in the future.

Behind the scenes at Bonn, as we push to put plant-based food on the climate agenda

Every June, policymakers, government representatives, scientists, and civil-society groups gather in Bonn to discuss the accelerating threat of climate change and potential solutions.

New Food Conference 2021 at Anuga: taking a look at the future of protein

Proteins are one of the basic building blocks of the human body. But what are the alternatives to the animal protein that currently dominates dietary habits in many parts of the world?

“Algae are the plants of the future” – Dr. Jean-Paul Cadoret on algae’s untapped potential

Dr. Jean-Paul Cadoret will speak at the New Food Conference about algae’s untapped potential.

New food is gaining ground: food pioneers gather at Europe’s biggest alternative protein conference

The food industry is facing one of the biggest upheavals in its history: plant-based is the…