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In 2023

255 organizations increased their impact with the help of the ProVeg Grants program.

Since 2019

ProVeg Grants has provided more than 900 grants to organizations and individuals in over 90 countries.

What grantees get

As well as providing financial support, we also assist with capacity-building to help professionalize the plant-based movement.

Emmanuel Márquez

Together we can change the world

ProVeg Grants connects philanthropists and donors like yourself with organizations and initiatives that accelerate the transformation of the global food system.

How does it work?

ProVeg Grants manages a multi-donor pooled grantmaking fund designed to maximize the impact of philanthropic contributions towards transforming the food system.

Every contribution you make reaches, supports, and empowers our ProVeg Grantees around the world. These organizations and individuals are driving the transition towards fairer food systems and reduced levels of animal consumption.

These are just some of the organizations you’re supporting: 

  • The Uganda Vegan Society, which promotes plant-based nutrition through their Vegan School Lunch campaign.
  • The Animal Welfare and Environment Network for Tanzania, which hosts plant-based cooking workshops for school chefs.
  • The African Vegan On A Budget program, which spreads awareness about plant-based eating across Africa.

Your donation, big or small, provides grantees with the financial support and expertise they need to launch their initiatives. This is particularly impactful for organizations in remote regions.

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Grants Program Manager

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Is my donation tax deductible?

ProVeg is recognized as non-profit in several countries and particularly worthy of support. Donations and grants are completely tax deductible, depending on your jurisdiction.

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We guarantee that we will only use your data for the associated purpose and will not pass it on to third parties. Our encryption method is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), Germany’s most secure standard encryption.

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