Plant-based Alternatives

From milk and eggs to meat, fish, and honey, vegan alternatives and substitutes
are now available for nearly all animal-based foods. The selection is huge and
getting bigger all the time, offering a range of culinary possibilities
that is cruelty-free and consumes fewer resources.

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Meat Alternatives

Nutritionists and climate experts alike are warning against the consequences of the current high levels of meat consumption in much of the world, while increasing numbers of consumers are viewing the consumption of meat in a negative light. Vegan products offer many health benefits and are significantly more sustainable than meat. ProVeg presents the 10 best meat alternatives.

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Egg Alternatives

Due to their foaming and binding properties, eggs are an important ingredient in many dishes, from baked goods and desserts to mayonnaise and hollandaise sauce. However, egg production is responsible for significant animal welfare issues, environmental damage, and health risks. ProVeg presents a range of healthy vegan egg alternatives for cooking and baking.

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Milk Alternatives

Although plant milks have been consumed for centuries in various cultures, their popularity has skyrocketed over the past decade. People choose plant milk over dairy milk for a variety of reasons. Whether it is for their nutritional value, animal-welfare reasons, lower environmental impact, to avoid lactose or dairy milk allergens, or simply out of preference, there are many great options to try. ProVeg presents the 10 best plant milks.

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Vegan Cheese

Dairy-free cheese alternatives, made from a variety of ingredients, including nuts, soy, and yeast flakes, are becoming increasingly popular, and are starting to appear on supermarket shelves around the world. ProVeg presents a wide range of vegan cheese alternatives, as well as the recipes – so that they can easily be made at home.

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Legumes and pulses are rich in vitamins and protein. A staple ingredient in many regional diets, this food group offers a plethora of benefits. ProVeg looks at why legumes are such a healthy source of protein and other nutrients.

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Algae – nutritious lettuce from the sea

Algae and seaweed (which is actually a kind of algae) have long been key components of many regional coastal diets, particularly in Asia. In recent years, sushi, seaweed, and algae have become popular and increasingly mainstream food items. ProVeg presents a selection of the different types of algae, along with their health benefits.

The Plant Milk Report

A short guide

ProVeg’s first report on plant milk shines a light on the top-selling product in the entire plant-based alternatives market. Based on current studies, this detailed report explores the role that plant milks can play in terms of global healthy and sustainable nutrition, from producers through to distributors and consumers.

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Fish Alternatives

Diverse and delicious

Every year, billions of fish are killed in order to become food for humans. In addition to the serious ecological consequences, fish consumption also poses various health risks. Fortunately, there is an increasing number of healthy plant-based alternatives which not only taste good but also benefit the environment. ProVeg presents the top 10 alternatives to fish and seafood.