ProVeg EU Policy


What we do, why & how


In its policy work, ProVeg advocates and communicates the potential of the transition to more plant-based foods and lifestyles for addressing crucial topics such as the sustainability of food systems, the economic viability of farmers’ livelihoods, nutrition and health aspects as well as environmental protection, climate protection, and resource conservation.


ProVeg’s EU policy team focuses on proactively supporting the EU towards a more plant-forward food system, according to the Farm to Fork Strategy and Beating Cancer Plan, producing systemic food change in Europe and becoming a role model globally.


We work on long-term involvement with policy-makers, governmental and intergovernmental agencies, NGOs and researchers on the food and agriculture files active within the EU institutions. We collaborate closely with our European ProVeg offices and partner organizations, to influence and advocate for a transition to more resilient food systems, with a focus on plant-based diets. ProVeg is also a member of the European Vegetarian Union (EVU) and co-founder of the European Alliance for Plant-Based Foods (EAPF) in 2020, working with NGOs, plant-based manufacturers and researchers towards a healthy and more plant-based European food system.

Our approach

Drawing on our expertise and collaborations with all stakeholders, including the scientific community, businesses, investors, fellow NGOs, and policymakers, we:

  • Offer science-based information to promote policies that yield healthier, more sustainable diets in the EU, providing policymakers with clear science-based evidence of the benefits of plant-based diets for nutrition, consumers and farmers.
  • Advocate for the inclusion of plant-based foods in commonly identified regional and national policy initiatives.
  • Collaborate with our ever-expanding network of NGOs, corporations, and other relevant stakeholders in our shared policy goals.
  • Maximize visibility, awareness and interest among policymakers on the topic of plant-based and cultivated proteins.
  • Communicate regularly across Europe, to inform the general public and the media about the benefits of plant-based diets for nutrition and sustainability, as well as simplifying and raising awareness about complex legislative agendas at the local and EU levels.

Our work in numbers

Veggie Challenge

The Veggie Challenge app is introducing plant-based eating to people around the world.

Our program & Impact

Our work aims to support: 

  • Consumers within the EU: ensuring access to sustainable, nutritious, tasty plant-based products and alternative proteins, with clear labeling.
  • Members of civil society: providing a leading voice of plant-based policy advocacy within the EU, to support and collaborate with civil society organizations in EU Policy lobby work.
  • Plant-based industry: offering science-based solutions, research, and expertise to support businesses across the entire value chain to expand their offerings of sustainable, nutritious, tasty plant-based products within the EU.
  • EU and local policymakers: informing and influencing policymakers about the importance of promoting sustainable, nutritious diets  and on avoiding restrictive and harmful policies, such as recent attempts at plant-based censorships so that EU consumers continue to have access to plant-based products that are properly labeled and informative. As such we work on the below fields:

ProVeg is a not-for-profit and global charity working to transform the global food system by promoting plant-based and cultured alternatives. We welcome collaboration with all stakeholders to advance  plant-based diets, including corporations. We do not represent or accept corporate funding to guide our EU policy activities.

To contribute to its EU policy activities, ProVeg is registered under the  EU lobby transparency register under the following registration number: 988324839304-12

The ProVeg EU Policy Team

Lucia Hortelano

EU Policy Manager

Lucia is responsible for furthering ProVeg’s mission to transform the food system in support of a better world by helping to shape policy at the EU level. She works on developing and promoting the growth of the plant-based and cultured food sector into the EU agenda by influencing relevant agriculture, consumer, environmental and health policies. Lucia acquired her extensive knowledge of EU food and environmental policy and legislation in her previous policy and public affairs roles at various industry associations and European institutions.

Soizic Larcher

EU Policy Officer

With comprehensive experience in EU public affairs (environmental and circular economy) and a passion for driving environmental change through policy and advocacy, Soizic is responsible for advancing ProVeg’s mission to effect the EU’s transition towards a sustainable and healthy food system. 
Soizic focuses on transforming food systems by advocating for policies promoting a shift to more plant-based diets in the EU, in many areas including climate, environment and agriculture. To achieve this objective, Soizic actively engages with EU policymakers, NGOs and stakeholders to build alliances and coordinate on agrifood issues relevant to ProVeg.

Our partners