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ProVeg Grants

255 organizations increased their impact with the help of the ProVeg Grants program.

At COP28

For the first time, two-thirds of the food served at the UN’s annual global climate conference was vegetarian or vegan – a direct result of ProVeg’s pioneering advocacy.


The ProVeg Incubator program welcomed 20 startups from around the world, nurturing the next wave of food system innovators.

Joy Aquino

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Industrial farming methods cause suffering to billions and billions of animals. Each year, about 80 billion land animals and 2.3 trillion fish are slaughtered.

You can help build a world where animals are not used for food and help more people transition to a plant-based diet.

Your gift will help to fight climate change and create a more sustainable food system. 

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ProVeg is recognized as non-profit in several countries and particularly worthy of support. Donations and grants are completely tax deductible, depending on your jurisdiction.

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