bowls filled with plant-based food, such as tempeh
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1. Pro Taste

Enjoy delicious food

With the wide variety of plant-based and cultivated foods now available, plant-based diets can be delicious and satisfying.

medicinal personnel holding a tablet
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2. Pro Health

Improve your health

It is now widely accepted that plant-based diets offer numerous benefits and can offer prevention and treatment of a host of modern lifestyle diseases.

hands of various skin colors holding on to an empty bowl
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3. Pro Justice

Build a fairer world

As the world’s population continues to grow, plant-based diets can help to create a more just world and feed more people through a more efficient and equitable food system.

a young cow cuddling up to a young human child
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4. Pro Animals

Reduce suffering

Industrial farming methods cause suffering to trillions of sentient beings. Plant-based diets minimize the number of animals who live in these conditions.

a lush forest with a small lake in the middle
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5. Pro Environment

Protect our planet

Plant-based diets have many positive effects on the environment, including protecting our climate, rainforests, and biodiversity.