2021 Annual Review

With economies around the world restarting and major decisions being made, your help is needed now more than ever to raise awareness around the multiple benefits of plant-based eating. Together, we can tackle climate change, animal suffering, and global health issues by raising awareness of the need to shift towards plant-based diets. 2022 will be a crucial year for the future of our planet. Your support can help make a big difference!

You can read about everything you helped to achieve in our Annual Review.

Message from Jens Tuider,
ProVeg International Director

What a year! The hybrid versions of our bi-annual New Food Conference were hugely successful – with 600 participants from over 30 countries attending, and more than 450 one-on-one networking meetings taking place.

Excitingly, our conference in Cologne featured a cultured-meat tasting event. With over a billion dollars invested worldwide to date, cellular agriculture is advancing at an unprecedented rate, and 2021 saw a welcome surge in the development of dairy-, egg-, and fish-protein cultures. ProVeg has been at the cutting edge of this progress – supporting conventional meat producers with critical research and development as they pivot towards sustainable hybrid products.

The ProVeg Incubator continues to support our cellular agriculture alumni around the world as we help them to navigate technical and regulatory hurdles. On the plant-based side, we’re delighted to see our alt- milk and -meat alumni such as Vly, Better Nature, and Omni continue to grow their market share, alongside other alumni who have developed everything from plant-based pet foods to ice creams to supplements. The ProVeg Incubator recently welcomed its seventh cohort, and I can’t wait to see how they innovate!

We believe that great progress comes from great collaborations, so my sincere thanks to all the business leaders and decision makers who work with us. Together, we are accelerating the future of sustainable, ethical, and delicious foods. Thank you!

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