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ProVeg Grants

81 organizations increased their impact through the unique ProVeg Grants program.

At COP28

A historic achievement at COP28, where two-thirds of the food served was vegetarian or vegan – a direct result of ProVeg’s pioneering advocacy.


20 startups from around the world participated in ProVeg’s Incubator Program, nurturing the next wave of food system innovators.

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ProVeg launches the Food Innovation Challenge APAC 2022

ProVeg Malaysia, the first ProVeg office in Southeast Asia, is committed to ProVeg’s global  mission of  replacing 50% of animal-based products with plant-based and cultivated foods by 2040. Locally, ProVeg Malaysia will focus on: 

  • Raising awareness about the impact of industrial animal farming and promoting alternatives that are more sustainable and compassionate.
  • Advocating for healthy and nutritious plant-based diets as a means of improving health and combatting climate change.

This work will be implemented through the following channels:

Food Innovation: The Food Innovation Challenge APAC, launched in 2020, offers university students in the Asia-Pacific region a cash prize to create unique plant-based food, meals, and ingredients. In 2021, two teams from Taylor’s University in Malaysia jointly won third place, beating 120 other teams from 13 different countries. They used the familiar local flavors of nasi lemak, pong teh chicken, murtabak, and satay as a basis for creating plant-based pot pies, wraps, and meatballs.

ProVeg Malaysia will continue to work with local universities to further promote the challenge and encourage increased levels of participation. We aim to accelerate the shift to plant-based eating by introducing innovative products that are tailored to local tastes and cuisines.

Corporate & Institutional Engagement: ProVeg Malaysia is the local partner organization for V-Label, the world’s leading quality-certification label for vegan and vegetarian products and services.

Policy & Advocacy: We work with university researchers to further understand and communicate the health benefits of a plant-based diet in the Malaysian context. This research is instrumental to our advocacy work with policymakers, through which we aim to encourage and accelerate the shift to healthier and more sustainable diets that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Malaysian cuisine.

Public Engagement: ProVeg’s Veggie Challenge, a 30-day challenge to eat more plant-based and less meat, was launched in Malaysia in 2022. The app offers coaching, plenty of delicious recipes, gamified rewards for meeting challenge goals, and other fun features. You can learn more about the Veggie Challenge here.

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Your donation will help to transform the global food system. Join ProVeg Malaysia in our mission to replace 50% of animal-based products worldwide with plant-based and cultivated foods by 2040. Together, we can build a world where everyone embraces delicious and nourishing food that’s good for all people and our planet.

By donating to ProVeg, you are helping to drive lasting change in Malaysia. We are transforming the country’s food system in various ways, including influencing policy makers, partnering with businesses, schools, and hospitals for sustainable food options, fostering innovation among startups and investors, raising awareness through media and public engagement, and funding grants for smaller organizations.

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