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‘Plant-based’ vs ‘vegan’: understanding consumer perceptions of food-labelling terms

The words we use matter – especially when it comes to food products that consumers purchase every day. Labels should be familiar and easy to understand. Do consumers prefer products that are labelled ‘vegan’ or ‘plant-based’? Do they understand what ‘dairy-free’ or ‘cheesy’ means? 

In 2021, ProVeg conducted an online survey with the goal of determining consumers’ levels of understanding regarding the different terms used to describe food products. A total of 400 participants across the UK and the US were interviewed. Download the full report now to see our recommendations based on the key results.

This report offers insights into consumer knowledge around plant-based terminology in the UK and the US, with a deep dive into the way different dietary groups understand key terms. Such research is critical to help brands to effectively target the growing number of flexitarian consumers and understand the best terminology to use on their products.”

Stephanie Jaczniakowska-McGirr

Director of Corporate Engagement at ProVeg