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Biting into change – THIS and the evolution of plant-based meat

Listen to our latest podcast, with special guest Andy Shovel, Co-founder of plant-based meat brand, THIS

What does the future hold for plant-based meat? This is by no means an easy question, but one that the food industry is racing to find the answers to. 

Join Gemma Tadman, Business Communications Manager for ProVeg International, and Andy Shovel, Co-founder of THIS, as they discuss the evolving market for plant-based meat, as well as the accompanying challenges and opportunities. 

this plant-based meat

From overcoming negative narratives to envisioning the future, learn how THIS plan to navigate the maturing plant-based landscape.

Key insights from this podcast:

  • The importance of mainstream advertising for plant-based meat brands
  • Creating a standout brand concept
  • Breaking through market norms
  • Strategies for enticing skeptical consumers
  • Overcoming negative narratives 
  • The significance of partnerships and collaborations
  • Innovating in the plant-based space

Listen to the complete podcast below!

this plant-based meat
Image shows THIS Caramelized Onion Tray Bake. Credit: THIS.

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