7 best vegan restaurants to visit in Amsterdam in 2024

As the capital of one of the world’s most progressive and eco-friendly countries, Amsterdam is a haven for plant-based food. From fish-free sushi to fully plant-based bakeries, Amsterdam has something for everyone. To make your visit to Amsterdam even more enjoyable, our colleagues Vic and Eileen have done all the hard work for you and put together this list of seven must-visit plant-based spots. Bon Appetit!

Saint Jean: The best pastries in town

If you think it’s difficult to make deliciously flaky, buttery pastries without any animal-based products, Saint Jean in Amsterdam will prove you wrong! With an array of tempting freshly baked sweet and savory pastries on offer each day, it’s no surprise that there’s invariably a queue out the door. But rest assured, it’s worth the wait! The pastries from Saint Jean were so good that we visited multiple times over the weekend in order to try as much of the seasonal menu as possible. One savory highlight was the Spiced Cheese Croissant – perfectly flaky with a slightly smoky cheese center and topped with toasted pumpkin seeds. For those with a sweet tooth, the classic Croissants and Pain au Chocolat are reliably delicious choices, but the seasonal Lime and Coconut Cruffin was a real standout.

SOIL Vegan Café: Where Asian cuisine meets South American flavors

With a creative, seasonal and mostly local menu full of plant-based delights taking inspiration from Asia to South America, a visit to SOIL Vegan Cafe is a must if you’re in Amsterdam. I started with the Smoky Eggplant Dip served with freshly baked sourdough. This delicious dip was surprisingly light, with a comforting warm heat courtesy of the smoked paprika and roasted aubergine. For my main, I had to try the Ben Ben Noodles, SOIL’s twist on the traditional Sichuan dish, named after the restaurant’s head chef. The perfectly chewy udon noodles were bathed in a creamy sesame sauce and topped with plant-based meatballs, pak choy, crispy chili oil, scallions, and pickles. It was one of my favorite meals of the trip, and not to be missed when in Amsterdam!

Vegan Sushi Bar: Fish-free maki rolls and Japanese delights

With two locations in Amsterdam, Vegan Sushi Bar is the perfect spot for anyone who loves sushi but wants to reduce their impact on our oceans. The huge sushi roll menu features plant-based alternatives to crab, tuna, salmon, and shrimp, while the side dishes include Oyster Mushroom Karaage and Takoyaki ‘Octopus’ Balls for those craving other Japanese-style delights. I opted for the Shrimp-Less Tempura Crunch Roll and the Salmon and Avocado Maki, which were presented on a beautiful platter, accompanied by wasabi and ginger. For those with a sweet tooth, the menu also offers oriental-inspired desserts such as Matcha Tiramisu and Passionfruit Mochi – for the perfect plant-based ending to any feast.

Margos: Perfect for a picnic

Nestled in the city’s stunning maze of waterways, and just minutes from the historic Anne Frank House, Margos offers an assortment of freshly made plant-based pastries and sandwiches. The menu features classic pastries such as sweet and savory croissants, seasonal fruit tarts, and American-style cookies, and, from lunchtime onwards, a roster of sandwiches that use seitan and tofu to recreate traditional favorites. It was a beautifully sunny day when I visited, so I selected an iced matcha latte and a croissant and headed to Westerpark for some people-watching. The Choco-Hazelnut Croissant was just as delicious as it sounds – an indulgently nutty chocolate spread, encased in layers of perfectly flaky pastry and topped with chopped toasted hazelnuts. After a long weekend of indulging in pastries, I had to try a sandwich for the journey home and decided on the summer special – a BLT featuring La Vie plant-based bacon, mayo, fresh tomatoes, and lettuce. With so many options to try, Margos is a must-visit!

Vegan Junk Food Bar: An Amsterdam icon

Perhaps the most iconic vegan restaurant in Amsterdam, Vegan Junk Food Bar should definitely be a part of your itinerary. There are three locations in the city, but I visited the downtown location in the Reguliersdwarsstraat district, which is known for its LGBTQIA+ nightlife scene. The restaurant decor certainly fits right into the vibrant neighborhood. All the walls are covered in graffiti with light-hearted slogans written on the walls encouraging visitors to go vegan, and the sounds of Hip Hop and R&B round off the experience.

Since you eat with your eyes first, all the dishes match the colorful vibe of the restaurant. I had the Kapsalon, a plant-based version of the traditional Dutch fast-food dish which involves layers of French fries, vegan Shawarma, plant-based cheese, jalapeños, fresh red chillies, and garlic sauce. I also tried the VJFB™ Cruelty-Free Burger with its iconic black bun – a real classic. Despite its name, Vegan Junk Food Bar also offers some healthier items on its menu. I ordered the Caesar Classic salad to balance out all the comfort food, and I have to say, it was the best plant-based Caesar dressing I’ve ever had! A visit to Vegan Junk Food Bar is definitely an experience you don’t want to miss.

The Old Soul: Experience a new cuisine

When visiting the Netherlands, you’ll eventually stumble upon the country’s complicated history with Suriname, which used to be a Dutch colony. There is still a significant amount of Surinamese people living in the country, and so when I came across this fully plant-based restaurant called The Old Soul, I had to try it. 

The restaurant embraces the rich culinary heritage of Suriname by reinventing traditional dishes while keeping the authentic flavors. The menu changes daily, and on the Saturday I visited, it featured a Roti Roll – a wrap filled with masala potato and pumpkin, green beans, chickpeas, aubergine and hot sauce and fried Caribbean Flour Dumplings served with tahini sauce. It was my first time trying Surinamese food, and while some of it reminded me of Indian food, it was definitely a unique taste experience, and worth a try if you haven’t had it before. Make sure to check the menu online and visit on the right day if you want to try something specific!

Veganees: Pan-Asian street food

Veganees is a Southeast Asian street food restaurant right in the middle of Amsterdam West. The colorful restaurant has plenty of outside and inside seating, so you don’t have to worry about waiting in line. The menu includes dishes from Vietnam, India, China, Thailand, Korea, and Japan.

I came for lunch and tried the Kimchi Toasties with plant-based cheese, chili mayo, and pickles, along with the Korean Fried Cauliflower Bao Bun. Both dishes were packed with flavor and had a nice heat to them. Veganees also has lots of speciality drinks. I especially enjoyed their Magic Lemonade, which changes color once you pour in the lemon juice. I chose a light lunch, but Veganees also offers bowls and burgers if you’re particularly hungry. If you come for dinner, they have a separate menu which includes dishes such as Mapo Tofu and Tempeh Katsu. If you enjoy Southeast Asian food, this is definitely one to add to your foodie list!

Amsterdam: a must-visit for foodies

There’s a myriad of plant-based eateries and vegan options to explore in Amsterdam, so if you’re looking for a travel destination that will appeal to both your sense of adventure and your taste buds, book a trip today!

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