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Strengthen your alternative protein business at the New Food Forum 2024

The annual New Food Forum returns to Prague on 18 April – attend to network, learn, and enhance your business strategy

Experience the power of the alternative protein industry as the New Food Forum returns to Czechia. If you’re a local food producer looking to expand your business or a national player seeking new opportunities, this event is tailor-made for you. 

Connect with industry leaders, attend presentations, and sample delicious plant-based catering (as well as products that are yet to enter the market) — all against the backdrop of Prague’s cosmopolitan district of Andel. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this transformative event!

Confirmed event partners:

Tesco, Bonduelle, V-Label, Semix, Meggle, Consumer Panel Services GfK, Tempty Foods, MyRaw, CzechCrunch, and Zboží&Prodej.

9 reasons to attend the New Food Forum 2024

  1. Networking: Connect with food and beverage professionals and innovators in the alternative protein industry, opening doors to new partnerships and collaborations.
  1. Industry insights and trends: Stay ahead of the curve with insights into emerging trends in sustainable eating, including consumer behaviour shifts and the demand for transparency and ethical sourcing. Learn from the experiences and advice of industry experts, gaining valuable best practices. 
  1. National coverage: Benefit from the event’s countrywide scope – particularly food producers aiming to enter the Czech market and local producers looking for expansion opportunities. The New Food Forum offers a unique platform for nationwide networking and market expansion.
  1. Retailer perspectives: Hear from leading retail chains on consumer preferences, market demand, and strategies for promoting plant-based products in-store.
  1. Manufacturer insights: Explore the challenges and opportunities faced by food manufacturers in developing and marketing alt-protein products, and learn from successful case studies.
  1. Marketing strategies: Discover innovative approaches to product communication and branding and effective methods for reaching and engaging target audiences.
  1. Product development: Explore the latest innovations in plant-based foods, from ingredient sourcing and formulation to flavour profiles and packaging design.
  1. Consumer engagement: Learn effective strategies for connecting with consumers, building brand loyalty, and driving demand for plant-based products through targeted marketing and communication efforts.
  1. Sustainable practices: Discover how sustainability is reshaping the food industry and explore actionable steps for integrating eco-friendly practices into your business operations.
new food forum
New Food Forum 2023: Tesco’s presentation.

Confirmed speakers and presentations:

  • Elsa Guadarrama, Consumer & Market Research Manager at ProVeg International, will reveal the latest consumer insights from the Smart Protein Project.
  • Hana Říhová, Commercial Director at Advanced Solutions CEE, and Vladimíra Šebková, Client Relationship Manager, from The Consumer Panel Services GfK, will present data from the plant-based market in Czechia, along with consumer preferences and behaviour.
  • Hana Smítková, Head Technical Manager for Shelf-Stable Foods and Non-Food Products for Central Europe at Tesco, will unveil how Tesco’s collaboration with suppliers takes place with a focus on details and behind-the-scenes information, giving you insight into how it all actually works.
  • Martina Lokajova, Co-founder and CEO of Tempty Foods, will talk about mycoprotein, a sustainable and nutritious source of protein from nature’s mycelium, and the Tempty Foods’ approach on creation of plant-based foods using mycoprotein.
  • Vladimír Kočí, CEO at LCA Studio Ltd., will talk about how the new requirements for non-financial reporting and the implementation of sustainability into practice will lead to the need to establish the carbon footprint of organisations and products. 
  • Retail chain and food producer panel discussion featuring CEO of Tesco Stores CR, a.s. Katarína Navrátilová, in cooperation with New Food Forum media partner CzechCrunch.

Have you got your New Food Forum ticket yet?

Reserve your spot to gain actionable insights on topics such as trends in sustainable eating, setting goals for non-financial reporting, the growing importance of nutritional aspects in product development, and effective communication strategies for plant-based products.

Attendees will leave the event equipped with practical strategies and insights to navigate the complex landscape of plant-based innovation, from product conceptualisation to commercialisation.

Make sure to sample the delicious food on offer.

When: 18.04.2024

Where: Vienna House by Wyndham Andel’s Prague

Do you have any questions? Please get in touch with Tereza Trávníčková, Project Manager, at [email protected]  

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