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What’s all the hype about the New Food Conference?

Why people are buzzing about one of the food industry’s biggest upcoming events

So much more than just a conference, the New Food Conference is your gateway to the alternative protein sector and its role in shifting the food industry toward a more sustainable future. Discover the power of food transformation at ProVeg’s upcoming New Food Conference in Berlin, where food industry luminaries converge for an unparalleled experience on October 25-26. 

Why you should go

Offering a strategic array of benefits that resonate across the sector, New Food Conference is THE place to network with leaders, trailblazers, and experts spanning diverse industries, fostering connections and partnerships, investments, and growth. Feast on market insights and trends, enriched by expert presentations, workshops, and seminars, shaping informed decisions and adaptive strategies.

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Those of you seeking to elevate your brand can also showcase innovations to a receptive audience, cultivating positive recognition and thought leadership. Gain an edge through competitor analysis, fostering agility and advantage in a dynamic market. Unlock creativity as New Food Conference’s vibrant hub ignites inspiration, propelling ingenious solutions in a fiercely competitive F&B landscape. 

What others are saying

Don’t just take our word for it, last year’s attendees sing the New Food Conference’s praises, too.

“Championing innovation in plant-based technology is vital to solving some of the largest global challenges we face today: sustainability and health. The New Food Conference plays an important role in information sharing, bringing together today’s industry thought-leaders to build the future of the food industry.”

Marc Coloma

CEO and Co-Founder, Heura Foods

“Plant-based food has established itself as a category, no longer an immature market. Now it is important not to rest on our achievements, but to push this important category further. With its special mix of being able to exchange views on existing challenges, making new contacts and getting the latest information on relevant technologies, the New Food Conference offers a very unique platform for this.”

Patrick Bühr

Head of R&D, Rügenwalder Mühle

“Attending the New Food Conference provides a multitude of benefits for companies, including the opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded individuals on a great platform through ProVeg, and the ability to learn about the newest products and trends. Additionally, we enjoy aligning and collaborating with others who share the same mission and vision such as us so we can strengthen our impact and drive progress towards a more sustainable food system.”

Marion Höchli

Vice President European Business Development, Planted

Get your ticket

Embrace the chance to shape the food future – NFC, Europe’s premier alt-protein and food innovation confluence, empowers strategists and dreamers alike. Engage, connect, and redefine your trajectory within a supportive community that shares your mission. Get your ticket now.  

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