Behind the scenes at the European Commission on Agriculture summit in Budapest (27-28 September 2023)

ProVeg International joined the proceedings as national representatives from countries across Europe and Central Asia came together in Budapest, Hungary, to discuss food-systems transformation.

New Food Conference stage

New Food Conference 2023: Looking to the future of food

In October, the New Food Conference will once again dive into alternative protein, including plant-based retail, the out-of-home market, and the role that cultivated meat will play in the future.

Behind the scenes at Bonn, as we push to put plant-based food on the climate agenda

Every June, policymakers, government representatives, scientists, and civil-society groups gather in Bonn to discuss the accelerating threat of climate change and potential solutions.

Nigeria’s vegan scene is blossoming: meet a local entrepreneur who’s leading the way

Hakeem Jimo is one of Nigeria’s first vegan protein producers. He is one of the African pioneers bringing plant-based protein into the mainstream.

Building a kinder future with cellular agriculture

In January 2022, Mosa Meat published a peer-reviewed paper revealing how it achieves muscle differentiation without fetal bovine serum (FBS).

Matthew Glover

“It’s there for the taking”: An Interview with Veganuary co-founder Matthew Glover

Since launching in 2014, an estimated two million people have taken the pledge. I asked Glover how the plant-based market has changed over the past eight years.