Building a kinder future with cellular agriculture

In January 2022, Mosa Meat published a peer-reviewed paper revealing how it achieves muscle differentiation without fetal bovine serum (FBS).

February Highlights from the plant-based and cultured-food sector: Innovation is everywhere!

The plant-based and cultured-food sector is continuing to expand in the wake of the pandemic. From seawood-scaffolded meat to 3-D printing…

January Highlights from the plant-based and cultured-food sector: The mainstreaming of plant-based foods continues, and more…

As plant-based foods continue to expand into the mainstream, the sector is attracting interest and investment from all quarters, including producers of traditional animal-based products.

European Union research funding in cellular agriculture

ProVeg recently collaborated on new research into consumer acceptance of cultured meat in France and Germany and found encouraging consumer-acceptance levels of cultured meat in both countries.

December Highlights from the plant-based and cultured-food sector: The plant-based market looks set to accelerate even faster in 2022

As 2022 kicks in, it’s already evident that the shift towards plant-based and cultured eating is set to continue accelerating.

Cultured and plant-based ingredients: the best of both worlds

Combining plant-based and cultured ingredients allows for the development of a new generation of products that have the potential to be tasty, healthy, affordable, and sustainable.