Healthy lunch table with vegetables and sandwiches

5 reasons to try plant-based

We’ve put together this list of five compelling reasons to explore plant-based eating. As well as being better for the planet and climate, eating a plant-rich diet can positively impact well-being.

Katherine Cattermole against some background vegetation

The challenges of being a teenage vegetarian

The rise of plant-based foods means that finding tasty and healthy vegetarian options has become…

Earth Overshoot Day: how eating the right food can help reduce our ecological footprint

This year, Earth Overshoot Day falls on 2 August. By reducing our impact on the environment, we can move the date later in the year – as individuals, we can begin by switching to a plant-based diet.

Behind the scenes at Bonn, as we push to put plant-based food on the climate agenda

Every June, policymakers, government representatives, scientists, and civil-society groups gather in Bonn to discuss the accelerating threat of climate change and potential solutions.

COP28: Why all the hype around the Food4Climate Pavilion?

What’s all the buzz about the Food4Climate Pavilion at this year’s UN Climate Change Conference…

Connecting veganism, queerness and oppression

For Pride Month, Peter Machen spoke to Christopher Sebastian about veganism and the relationship between the oppression of animals and the oppression of black, queer, and working-class people.