3rd Press Release for the New Food Invest Content Briefing/Sound Bites

Key Event Facts: 

  • Number of expected participants joining: 300+
  • Number of Speakers: 75+ 
  • Number of continents: 5 (Oceania, Asia, Europe, North and South America)
  • Number of countries represented by speakers: 20
  • Number of hours of programming: 10 hours plus 5 hours of networking opportunities
  • Number of investors attending: Totals over 50 Million US-Dollar per deal
  • Number of major industry CEOs speaking (with a few examples) – 14

with the most known being Josh Tetrick – Eat Just, Seth Goldman – Eat the Change, also Chairman of Board of Beyond Meat, Heather Mills – VBites, Morten Toft Bech – Meatless Farm, Miyoko Schinner – Miyoko’s, Alan Hahn – MycoTechnology

  • Number of expert speakers (with a few examples) – 12 
  • Jamie Arbib – an update on the RethinkX report on technological disruption in food and agriculture Fabio Ziemssen (NX Foods – METRO AG’s Food InnovationsHub) – Trends & Innovations for Europe’s Retail Food Markets GFI’s Elizabeth Derbes – An Update on Global Regulatory Policy on Novel Foods Impact-Cubed – Antti-Savilaasko – improving portfolio sustainability through alternative protein investment FAIRR’s Jo Raven, on reducing climate risks through investment in sustainable protein
  • Number of international start-ups: 18 (with a few examples, geographically spread)

The New Food Invest brings together a group of 18 start-ups, in three separate sessions focused on Asia, Europe and the Americas, including:

  • three plant-based meat companies from China, Hao Foods, YouKuai Food and HERO Protein
  • sustainable urban protein from Singapore-based Sophie’s Bionutrients
  • proteins and natural colorants from fermentation from Fybraworks in the US and Phytolon in Israel
  • food safety and certification from Swiss DeCode
  • vegan Omega-3 from algae from SIMRIS
  • plant-based and organic chocolate from UK-based The Nu Company
  • 3D printing of plant- or cell-based animal protein analogs by Spain’s Cocuus
  • Gelatex has developed a plant-based nanofibrous 3D scaffold for cultured meat. The scaffold promotes cell adhesion and differentiation into myotubes and is up to 90% cheaper compared to electrospun fibers.
  • cellular agriculture from Gaia Foods in Singapore and Back of the Yards Algae Sciences in Chicago
  • US companies producing plant-based meats, milk and fish No Evil Foods, Spinning Wheel Brands and Kuleana

Highlight: NFI Agenda: https://www.new-food-conference.com/nfi/programme

Sponsors and Network Partners to highlight (see details for description


3x Key Conference Sponsors:

  • Good Seed Ventures 
  • Astanor
  • Emmi Schweiz AG

2x Corporate Supporters: 

  • Black & Veatch
  • Agronomics

Recognize 2 of our portfolio of Network Partners: 

  • Good Food Institute

Previous Soundbites used:

New Food Invest is a virtual event in collaboration with the international food advocacy non-profit ProVeg and investment platform Beyond Animal on 18 March 2021, and the world’s first online conferences focusing exclusively on bringing international plant-based and cultivated food startups together with investors and venture capitalists. You will benefit from gaining first-hand access to knowledge and insights from key financial stakeholders and connect with investors and startups.

Owing to its unique format, the NFI offers you a highly attractive package:

(1)  3-in-1 global event: The NFI’s 3-in-1 conference format actually offers you three opportunities with only one ticket! Three similar sessions will cover key geographies around the globe in a single day – catering for three different time zones while your ticket grants you access to all of them: the Asian/Australian market followed by the European/Middle Eastern market and finally the North/South American markets. So each NFI ticket provides you with 12+ hours of attractive programming plus networking opportunities.

(2)  Ample networking: The NFI’s 4 networking opportunities (before, between and after the main sessions) provide you with ample room to meet and network with investors, startups and experts.

(3)  Access to the Beyond Animal dealroom: Qualified investors and institutions will be admitted into the Beyond Animal dealroom for follow-up with pitching start-ups and to review the 100s of other companies that have registered their deals with Beyond Animal.

(4)  Complete coverage: The NFI’s sessions will be recorded and made available to all participants to ensure you don’t miss out on anything and can revisit content again later (through the Beyond Animal platform).

You can find more updates at www.new-food-invest.com

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