Blending plant-based and cultivated meat is the next chapter in alternative proteins


Blending plant-based and cultivated meat represents a great opportunity to produce tasty, healthy, sustainable and ethical food products and, according to a report by ProVeg International, consumers are very open to buying such hybrid foods.

“Knowing that taste and health are two of the most important purchase drivers when it comes to plant-based foods, hybrid plant-based/cultivated food products show a strong potential to respond to consumer demand,” Mathilde Alexandre, Senior Project Manager at ProVeg International, said. 

How do consumers perceive hybrid plant-based/cultivated food products? 

ProVeg International conducted an online survey among 1,000 participants in the UK in July 2022 to gauge how consumers perceive hybrid products. 

It is encouraging to see that more than a third of respondents would probably or definitely eat and buy hybrid plant-based/cultivated meat.

30% of respondents are unsure whether they would eat or buy hybrid plant-based/cultivated meat, meaning that there is still plenty of room to inform the public about what these food products are and their benefits to positively influence them. 

Respondents expect hybrid plant-based/cultivated meat to be good for the animals (57%) and the environment (57%), nutritious (54%), healthy (50%) and safe (50%).

Age, gender, and level of education are demographic factors that play a role in people’s willingness to eat and buy hybrid plant-based/cultivated meat. 

Overall, university-educated Millennials and Gen Z men are more open to hybrid plant-based/cultivated meat. 51% of university-educated men up to 45 years old (Millennials and Gen Z) would probably or definitely eat hybrid plant-based/cultivated meat. 47% of university-educated men up to 45 years old (Millennials and Gen Z) would probably or definitely buy hybrid plant-based/cultivated meat. 

“It is encouraging to see so many consumers are open to buying and eating hybrid plant-based/cultivated meat products. Many are even anticipating eating such products on at least a weekly basis. As with other similar products, we see the highest appeal to younger and more educated consumers, and overall, we see quite high expectations for the quality of such products,” Dr Chris Bryant, an alternative proteins expert.

Download the report here.


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