Chilean startup POW! Foods launches products at major Latin America retailer

POW! Foods, part of ProVeg Incubator’s 2020 cohort, debuts in Jumbo 

Chilean alternative protein startup POW! Foods is launching four plant-based products in Jumbo — one of the largest retail chains in Latin America – including the startup’s latest release, its’ plant-based chicken nuggets.

POW! Foods was part of ProVeg’s Incubator fifth cohort in 2020 when the company received world-leading training, advice and funding to help get its products to market. The startup aims to revolutionise the food market in Latin America, promising a winning combination of taste and nutrition.

POW! Foods mixes vegetable proteins with yeast to develop sausages and breaded alt-meat products. In addition to being plant-based, the startup’s products also have an excellent nutritional profile, a great taste, and a lower environmental impact. The latter they achieve by using up to 80% less water in their production when compared to conventional meat products.

The startup’s new product is the chicken nugget. Amy León, CEO and founder, says “the nugget stands out for its texture and flavour –  identical to conventional chicken. It will highly impact the plant-based market and also the world of meat. POW! Foods nuggets surpass its poultry counterpart in terms of nutritional quality, having up to three times more protein, ten times less fat and no cholesterol, resulting in a positive impact on people’s health and the planet”.

Jumbo is part of the retailer’s chain Cencosud, the largest retail chain in Chile and the third listed one in Latin America. Nowadays, Jumbo is present in around 40 hypermarkets in Chile, 16 in Argentina and 80 in Colombia. 

POW! Foods was founded in 2019 by Food-Technologist and CEO, Amy León, and Eyleen Obidic, who is a specialist in marketing. Both founders have the conviction of developing meat replacements that are highly nutritious and delicious, objectives that they overcame with their product line. Amy León said: “Our purpose is to transform food through a new generation of foods scientifically designed to be better for the planet and also for people’s health, aimed at being a real contribution in their daily diets. We eat every day, and the positive effect we can generate with more sustainable and nutritious alternatives will directly impact our families and society in the long-term”.

The company’s products are available in Jumbo at the Metropolitan Region of Chile, in specialised shops, and through the POW! Foods website. POW! Foods will soon start marketing their products in large restaurant chains during the year’s second half to bring their products to a wider consumer base.


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