First regulatory submission for cultivated meat in Europe: ProVeg responds

Today, cellular agriculture company Aleph Farms announced submitting its application to the Swiss authorities with the goal of selling the world’s first cultivated beef steaks under the Aleph Cuts brand in Switzerland.


Mathilde Alexandre, Corporate and Institutional Engagement Manager at ProVeg International, said:

“This is a really encouraging step for Europe and a clear indicator that the cultivated meat industry is continuing to gain momentum and move towards commercialization.

“We have already seen approvals granted in the United States last month and cultivated meat has been on the market in Singapore for two years. European nations must actively welcome more applications to ensure that the transformative potential of cultivated meat on the food system is realised as quickly as possible. The Netherlands has already taken a step in the right direction by approving the tasting of cultivated meat this month.

“Cultivated meat presents a host of sustainability potential. One of the clearest potential environmental gains in cellular agriculture concerns the land dedicated to animal agriculture, as freed-up land areas could be used for reforestation, biodiversity protection, and rewilding, all of which would allow nature to regenerate and absorb more CO2.”

A life-cycle assessment shows that cultivated beef could result in a reduction of 92% of carbon footprint if renewable energy is used in the production process, 95% of land use and 78% of water requirements, compared to conventional beef production.

In 2022, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said cellular agriculture along with plant-based diets were important ways to limit pressures on finite natural resources. 


Notes to Editors

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