French microalgae startup Ozers aims at raising €300,000 to achieve its next milestones

The startup has already raised €850,000 in investment from ProVeg International, Animoca Brands, BPI France and angel investors

Ozers, a company producing plant-based sports supplements with microalgae, is opening a funding round to raise €300,000. The funding will be used to develop four new products, commercialise its latest plant-based sports nutrition products, hire experienced staff and implement cutting-edge marketing and go-to-market strategies. 

Ozers was part of ProVeg’s Incubator sixth cohort in 2021 when the company received expert mentoring, advice and funding to support its commercial strategy. Ozers product line consists of plant-based sports supplements marketed towards athletes – both professionals and otherwise. The use of microalgae as ingredients sets their products apart from similar offerings and promises to significantly enhance the endurance of athletes during their training. 

Part of the €850,000 already raised by Ozers was granted through an innovation award by the Bank for Investments (BPI France). Other investors included ProVeg International, Animoca Brands, Brinc Limited and other angel investors. The startup is now participating in the Amazon Launchpad new cohort, launching three new products in September and currently developing four more products. Ozers is also working on its expansion to other European countries and Canada.  

Ozers was founded in 2021 by Maxence Damarey, a former boxer, Alvyn Severien and Gaëtan Gohin (Co-founders of Algama) and Oliver Dahan. The origins of Ozers are linked to the athletic career of Maxence Damarey. As a former professional boxer, he decided to create what later became Ozers when he was unable to find nutritional supplements that suited his needs. 

“Athletes of all genders and levels realise, nowadays, the impact that their nutrition has on their health, performance, and on the planet, that is why I came up with Ozers”, says Maxence. 



For further information, please contact Luisa Goss, Marketing & Communications Officer for the ProVeg Incubator, on [email protected]


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