Gen Z students present innovative food ideas at COP27 climate summit



Students from five Asian countries unveiled their competition entries in Egypt – and it’s not too late for others to take part!


Five innovative food ideas by students across Asia have been presented at COP27, the UN climate summit, this month as part of an Asia Pacific focused competition designed to accelerate the plant-based food revolution.

The ProVeg Food Innovation Challenge APAC 2022 is run by global food awareness organization ProVeg International to encourage students to develop innovative ideas for the booming plant-based food market. 

The competition was launched in September this year but it’s still not too late to take part.

College and university students across Asia have until November 30th 2022 to enter the competition, with cash awards worth US$10,000 being handed out to the winners. 

Finalists, to be announced in early December, will be coached by participating companies for a month. Their ideas will then be put online for public voting for two weeks in late December before joining the final competition through online presentations on January 6th, 2023. Winners of the cash awards will be announced in an online award ceremony in the following week. 

ProVeg selected five teams from among the early submitters to present their ideas at COP27 in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt. The teams, from Indonesia, China, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand, showcased their ideas at COP27’s Food4Climate Pavilion

“The ideas from the early submitters which were presented at COP27 were fantastic and have really impressed the companies that sponsored the competition. We really encourage more students to engage their creative juices and join in,” Shirley Lu, Managing Director for ProVeg Asia, said.

“Asia is not only a significant consumption market but also an important force in alternative protein innovation with its rich food heritage, indigenous ingredients, and creative talents,” she added.

The five entries presented at COP27 are as follows:

  • The Slouch Pouches (Singapore team) are a ready-to-eat product for veggies on the go, vacuum packed for maximum freshness, with various flavors such as “BBQ-licious”, and “Mala-licious”. They are great sources of protein using Unilever’s The Vegetarian Butcher “Unbelievaballs meatballs” with transparent packaging that can be heated up in the microwave and eaten straight from the pouch to save washing dishes.
  • Hi Burger (Thailand team) is a Satay flavored, plant-based burger with an impressive nutrient profile made from locally sourced Thai ingredients such as jackfruit, soybean, oat and beetroot. Developed for CPF, the local ingredients seek to secure revenues and employment for local communities as well as give the economy of Thailand a boost.
  • Beyond Expectation (South Korea team) uses Beyond Meat’s minced pork as a bakery filling option for Paris Baguette, the largest bakery chain in South Korea. The Beyond Expectation line features three different recipes in local flavors.
  • Order Oat to Out Alcohol (China team) positions Oatly’s Oatgurt product as an anti-alcoholic beverage, focusing on the middle and high-end market and sold to people who are open to advanced ideas and have the tendency to drink excessively. Slogans for the product are: “Try oatgurt to help you sober up when you’re drunk!”; and “Skip the booze and just have a cup of oatgurt!”
  • PepShot (Indonesia team) is marketed as a shot of healthiness and the perfect match to your daily routine. The topic comes from PepsiCo and the Indonesian team envisages the product in biodegradable shot glass size bottles with product lines split into morning shots that improve focus by increasing the energy level, and evening shots that maintain a healthy body by enhancing antioxidants and vitamins. Both are high in protein and fiber from blue spirulina and chia seeds.

ProVeg launched the very first Food Innovation Challenge in China in 2020 and expanded the 2021 Challenge to include South-East Asia. The 2021 Challenge won the ‘Best use of digital by a charity, NGO or NFP’ Award at the Digital Impact Awards. The 2022 edition of the competition has been expanded to the entire Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.


Notes to Editors

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