Germany’s love affair with meat is well and truly over, conference will hear

Results of Government survey shows only 20% of Germans now eat meat on a daily basis 


This year’s New Food Conference, being held both live and online in Berlin from 25 to 26 October, will hear how Germany’s rate of meat consumption has plummeted, whilst the number of people eating plant-based food continues to rise.

Data from a yearly survey published this month and commissioned by the country’s Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture has found that just 20% of Germans eat meat on a daily basis, compared to 34% in 2015. 

“Germany really has fallen out of love with meat,” Lea Stockmeier, Senior International Event Manager at ProVeg and the conference organiser, said. “Many people are intentionally eating less meat, and for a number of good reasons – curiosity, climate concerns, for the taste and out of concern for animal welfare. Our conference will shine the light on the future of food and how companies can adapt to the changing market.”

Plant-based over meat

The survey commissioned by the Ministry revealed other trends around meat consumption in Germany and the rise of plant-based foods. They include:

  • The number of people who eat plant-based alternatives has risen from 5% in 2020 to 10% today.
  • Alternative meat products are in particular demand among younger people, with 18% of 14-29 year-olds eating them daily along with 10% of 30-44 year-olds.
  • The popularity of plant-based alternatives is growing with over half (53%) of people surveyed having bought these products at least once. 
  • Nearly half of those asked (46%) said they consciously limit their meat consumption, taking a flexitarian approach to their diet. 

The New Food Conference will deliver an overview of the growing market for alternatives to conventional meat, and the latest trends in the world of plant-based and cultivated food.

Speakers include Nicolas Bureau, Co-Founder and Director of Agriculture Cellulaire France, which promotes knowledge around the benefits for cellular agriculture. Cultivated meat holds out the promise of reducing the environmental and welfare concerns caused by intensive livestock farming but still allows for people to enjoy eating meat. 

“The most desirable and realistic approach is a model that embraces plant-based and cellular agriculture as the source of our food,” Bureau said.

“People want, and will always want, to eat meat: we must acknowledge this reality and provide alternative meat options that prioritise animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and public health,” he added. 

Elsa Guadarrama, Consumer & Market Research Manager at ProVeg, will be at the New Food Conference to look in-depth at the profile of the future consumers of plant-based foods. 

Additionally, Deniz Ficicioglu of BettaF!sh and Verena Wiederkehr of Billa will share their experiences of what strategies have worked in retail and how to satisfy customer needs. The session will provide insight into retail dynamics and consider topics such as placement, storage capacity, and the promotion of plant-based products.

Tickets for the New Food Conference can be booked here.


Note to Editors

For media inquiries and to secure a press pass for the event, email Peter Rixon at [email protected] 

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