Missed opportunity: The European Parliament report on the School Scheme fails to include plant-based drinks

Members of the European Parliament have today voted against the inclusion of plant-based drinks in schools, which represents a significant blow to children who cannot, or do not want to consume, dairy milk.

The majority of  MEPs failed to include plant-based drinks within their own initiative report on the EU School Scheme, which benefits around 20 million children across Europe.

“We are very disappointed by the outcome of this vote, but we are hopeful that the European Commission will still move ahead and include plant-based drinks in the scheme as part of their review, which is out at the end of the year ,” Lucia Hortelano, EU Policy Manager at ProVeg International, said.

“Many children in the EU cannot or do not want to drink cow’s milk for medical, ethical, taste, or environmental reasons. Including fortified plant-based milk alternatives is essential in terms of inclusion, availability, sustainability and affordability. Offering plant-based milk alternatives such as  soy and pea drinks constitute an equally nutritious counterpart to dairy products and it is crucial for kids’ inclusion at schools,” Hortelano added.

The great potential for the EU to fight the climate emergency

By integrating fortified unsweetened plant-based milk alternatives into the Scheme, the EU can demonstrate its dedication to inclusion, providing children with more options. This is especially important for those who cannot or do not want to consume cow’s milk, and who are actively seeking out ethical, climate-friendly, and healthy substitutes. 

The scheme has huge potential to become the EU public procurement tool for the inclusion of sustainable and environmentally friendly products for children across Europe. Including plant-based drinks into the scheme will boost EU efforts towards more sustainable diets, in alignment with the Food Systems Framework initiative. 

In cooperation with an alliance of businesses and NGOs, ProVeg had co-signed a joint position letter supporting  widening the scope of eligible products in the EU School Scheme to recognize the needs of all school children by catering for children who cannot or do not want to drink cow’s milk for medical, ethical, taste, or environmental reasons.

The European Commission will now work on publishing a new proposal to implement the EU-funded Scheme. ProVeg calls the European Commission tol bring about change, and introduce unsweetened fortified plant-based alternatives to milk to the scheme. 



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