New Food Conference to answer key questions on plant-based and cultivated food

  • When will cultivated meat be available in stores? 
  • How can plant-based foods compete in price with meat and milk? 
  • What role does plant-based food play in canteens and hospitals? 

Burning questions about the future of plant-based foods and cultivated meat will be answered by speakers at ProVeg’s New Food Conference 2023, which takes place both live and online in Berlin on 25 and 26 October 2023.

Experts and industry pioneers will join well-known companies and exciting start-ups at the conference to deliver an overview of the growing market for alternative proteins and the latest trends in the world of plant-based and cultivated food.

Cultivated meat: the story so far

Although still in the development stage, cultivated meat received its first approval in the US in June 2023, the second country after Singapore, marking another significant milestone. In the European arena, Switzerland has received its first application for cultivated meat and a German company has initiated an application for a cultivated food at the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). 

Nicolas Bureau, Director of Cellular Agriculture France, will be at the New Food Conference to present the current figures for cultivated meat production as well as providing an overview of the trends and challenges for the next two years, including an analysis of market potential and consumer acceptance. Ivo Rzegotta, Public Affairs Manager of the Good Food Institute Europe, will compare the admission procedures for novel foods in Asia, Europe, and the US.

Plant-based in the out-of-home market

With almost 40 million meals consumed outside the home every day in Germany alone((Das Wissenschaftsjahr 2020/21 – Bioökonomie: Außer-Haus-Verpflegung – Schlüsselakteur der Ernährungswende. Online at: [24.08.2023])) – from canteens to hospitals and cafeterias – the out-of-home market is playing a key role in transforming our food system and the New Food Conference will look into this market too. 

Together with Govinda Thaler, CEO and founder of Planet V, a leading manufacturer of plant-based convenience food for public institutions, the conference will look at current trends, developments, and best-practice experiences in institutional catering, an important segment of the out-of-home market.

Who are the consumers of the future?

Elsa Guadarrama, Consumer & Market Research Manager at ProVeg, will be at the New Food Conference to look in-depth at the profile of the future consumers of plant-based foods. 

Additionally, Deniz Ficicioglu of BettaF!sh and Verena Wiederkehr of Billa will share their experiences of what strategies have worked in retail and how to satisfy customer needs. The session will provide insight into retail dynamics and consider topics such as placement, storage capacity, and the promotion of plant-based products.

Tickets for the conference can be booked here.



Note to Editors

For media inquiries and to secure a press pass for the event, email Peter Rixon at [email protected] 


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