New Food Invest 2022: Pinpoint opportunities to invest in booming sector!


Berlin/Lausanne (18 October 2022)

A host of game-changing speakers are lined up to present at the New Food Invest 2022 Conference, which takes place online next week on Thursday, 27 October, co-hosted by business networking and investment platform Beyond Animal, and global food awareness organisation ProVeg International. 

Focusing on Europe, Africa and the Middle East, next week’s event will bring together international alternative protein and cultured-food businesses, startups, investors and venture capitalists to accelerate the growth of these important sectors.

The established plant-based market continues to boom with sales values of the plant-based meat sector in Europe reaching €1.4b in 2020, with a growth rate of 68% over the past two years. Stoking the market are flexitarians who consume 90% of plant-based foods. For traditional meat companies, entering the plant-based sector is serving to add a useful second pillar that can ensure continued growth.

Speakers at New Food Invest will address expansion into Europe, the expectations and objectives of corporate investment in alternative proteins, and whether we are ready for cultured meat.


Unmissable event for startups and investors

“It promises to be a really engaging event with topical subjects which address many aspects of investing in the plant-based and cellular agriculture sector,” Sebastian Joy, President of ProVeg International, said.

“For companies thinking of investing in the sector or considering launching a new product, New Food Invest 2022 really is unmissable,” Joy added. 

Claire Smith, Founder and CEO of Beyond Animal emphasises: “With insights from climate investors, strategics, VC investors and a raft of up-to-the-minute industry intelligence from companies themselves and expert consultants, it is a must-attend for anyone trying to solve our current climate, environmental and health crises through investment”. 


Speakers include:

  • Dwayne Holmes, Director, Responsible Research & Innovation, New Harvest
  • Ludovic Reysset, Head of Plant-Based Platform, Sonae
  • Claire Smith, Founder, Beyond Animal, Beyond Investing
  • Professor Nick Lin-Hi, University of Vechta 
  • Antii Savilaasko, Partner and Head of Research, Impact Cubed
  • Malte Clausen, Partner and Associate Director, Boston Consulting Group
  • Sofia de la Parra Saravia, Senior ESG Analyst, FAIRR
  • Robert Lawson, Managing Partner, Food Strategy Associates
  • Rodrigo Hortega de Velasco, Head of Investments, Döhler Ventures
  • Klaus Mitchel, Founder and Co-Director, Plant Based News
  • Nick and Tom Watkins, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, MIGHTY
  • Nour Akbaraly, Founder, Les Nouveaux Affineurs 
  • Morten Toftbech, Founder, Meatless Farm, plus other company representatives
  • Jim Totty, Sustainable Private Equity, Viridis Capital
  • Jens Tuider, Special Advisor, ProVeg International
  • Antje Raeuscher, Co-Head/Senior Innovation and Partnerships Manager, ProVeg Incubator

Following the October event, New Food Invest will shift to the Asia-Pacific region for its next online conference on 15 February 2023. 

What:   New Food Invest Conference 

When: 27 October 2022 for Europe/Africa/Middle East, 1pm to 6.30pm CEST

  15 February 2023 for Asia Pacific region, 8am to 1.30pm CEST

Where: Online

Hosts:  ProVeg International and Beyond Animal 

Fees:   Attendee Ticket €199 (1 event) €279 (2 events)

             Start-up Pitch Package: €499

             Investor Ticket: €299 (1 event) €419 (2 events = 30% off)

             Key Conference supporter:  €5,900 (1 event) €8,260 (2 events = 30% off)

             Corporate supporter: €3,900 (1 event) €5,460 (2 events = 30% off)


Registration for the New Food Invest event and additional information can be found at New Food Invest and Beyond Animal.


Notes to Editors:

Media passes are available upon pre-registration 

For media inquiries, please contact [email protected] or Peter Rixon at [email protected]

For more information and inquiries about Beyond Animal, please email: [email protected]


About ProVeg International

ProVeg is an international food awareness organisation working to transform the global food system by replacing conventional animal-based products with plant-based and cultured alternatives. ProVeg is committed to help the food industry benefit from the transformation of the global food system. ProVeg has permanent-observer status with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, is accredited for the UN Environmental Assembly, and has received the United Nations’ Momentum for Change Award. More information is available at


About Beyond Animal: a leading digital networking and investment platform 

Beyond Animal is a digital platform that aims to accelerate the growth of a sustainable, humane, economy by providing networking, collaboration, resources, and investor matchmaking and dealmaking for a fast and efficient fundraising process. App freely available on the AppStore and Google Play and private dealroom open to qualified investors. More details can be found at

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