Press Conference: National Dietary Guidelines – time to promote healthy, plant-rich diets.

Members of the media are invited to a press conference at COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh today from 3.30pm to 4pm (UTC +2) in the Luxor Press Conference Room (No. 22 on COP27 venue map) on how national dietary guidelines can help promote healthy, plant-rich diets.

The conference is organised by ProVeg International, a global food awareness organisation, and will feature a panel of four speakers: Dr Maria Cristina Tirado of the SHE Foundation; Anna-Lena Klapp, health and nutrition specialist at ProVeg International; Sebastian Joy, President and Founder of ProVeg International; and Raphaël Podselver, Director of UN Affairs at ProVeg International.

Anna-Lena Klapp will be presenting the results of a new study that ranks countries in terms of how balanced their dietary guidelines are. The ranking shows which countries have the most balanced guidelines, indicating strong support for sustainable healthy food choices and providing nutrition information that covers the broad spectrum of plant-based diet.

When: Tuesday, November 8th 3.30pm – 4pm (UTC +2) 

Where: Luxor Press Conference Room, Blue Zone, COP27, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt (No. 22 on COP27 venue map)


Visit ProVeg at the Food4Climate Pavilion

Find out more about the work of ProVeg International whilst you are at COP27 by visiting the Food4Climate Pavilion in the Blue Zone.

The Food4Climate Pavilion has been set up to highlight the critical yet overlooked need to transform our global food system to tackle climate change. Science shows that climate targets will not be met without urgent food system change including adopting agroecological practices, shifting away from animal-sourced foods, and reducing food loss and waste.

For further media inquiries, contact Peter Rixon at [email protected]

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