ProVeg appoints brand marketing specialist as new communications director


Simon Middleton has wide experience of brand communications from agency and client side, and is author of a best-selling guide to branding for small business 


Global food awareness NGO, ProVeg International, has appointed a new Director of Communications to raise the profile of the rapidly growing organization across the world.

Simon Middleton, author of Build A Brand In 30 Days, and a well known speaker and adviser on brand communication, will help promote the goals of the organization through its 12 global offices across Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.

“It’s incredibly exciting to have Simon on board as Director of Communications as we head into an action-packed 2024,” Jasmijn de Boo, Global CEO of ProVeg, said.

“This year will be pivotal for policy makers, businesses, investors and other key stakeholders to show real commitment towards the Paris Climate Agreement, to ensure food security, and support a just transition towards a sustainable and healthy food system. Our programs and communications will be dialed up a notch under Simon’s leadership,” de Boo said.

From vegan chocolate to humanitarian technology

Simon has worked as a brand and communications specialist in both the commercial and charity sectors, including as Head of Marketing at award-winning vegan chocolate and ice cream brand Booja-Booja, and as Head of Communications at humanitarian technology charity Talk To Loop, which enables recipients of aid to give independent feedback.

He has advised brands as diverse as Harris Tweed Authority, Pret A Manger, World Vision, and Barclays, on aspects of brand communication and has appeared frequently on TV and radio discussing brand communications.

“I am very excited to be working for an organization that is both bold and clear in its aims and that squarely addresses the global challenge of climate change from the practical perspective of food system change,” Simon said.

“The voice of ProVeg deserves to be listened to around the world so that countries can effectively channel resources into the urgent task of improving our food system to improve global health, mitigate climate change and prevent ecosystem collapse,” he added.

ProVeg recently returned from engaging delegates at the UN climate summit, COP28, in Dubai where food transformation was addressed more than at any previous COPs. As well as being featured in Declarations, reports and a UN Roadmap, COP28 also addressed food by ensuring two-thirds of the catering provided to the 70,000 visitors was vegan and vegetarian thanks, in part, to work by ProVeg.

Simon will be using his extensive experience in the commercial brand communications world to further advance the ProVeg mission to replace 50% of animal products globally with plant-based and cultivated foods by 2040.

“ProVeg is very much about enacting policy change on a global level, as well as about making a difference in local communities through projects, such as bringing plant-based options to settings as diverse as UK schools and Nigerian hospitals, so that people can discover for themselves how healthy and tasty climate-friendly food can be. I am really looking forward to supporting these great initiatives, both national and international,” Simon added.


Notes to Editors

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About ProVeg International

ProVeg International is a food awareness organization with the mission to replace 50% of animal products globally with plant-based and cultivated foods by 2040. Our vision is a world where everyone chooses delicious and healthy food that is good for all humans, animals, and our planet.


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