ProVeg praises Lidl decision to price plant-based foods the same as animal-based versions


Lidl in Germany announced the pricing move to promote “conscious, sustainable lifestyles” 


Food awareness organisation, ProVeg International, has strongly welcomed the announcement today (11 October) by Lidl’s operation in Germany to align the prices of almost all of its plant-based own brand Vemondo products with the comparable products of animal origin. 

“ProVeg welcomes this move by Lidl as it recognises how important plant-based foods are in tackling the climate crisis as well as supporting companies’ in their environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting,” Jasmijn de Boo, CEO of ProVeg International, said. 

“Price is a key lever in nudging people to transition to a more plant-based diet, particularly in times when household budgets are being squeezed. Lidl’s strategy will help the growing number of consumers who want to eat less meat to choose plant-based alternatives instead. 

“This is also the first time we are seeing a long-term, permanent pricing measure by a large retailer to promote plant-based nutrition and we hope other retailers will follow Lidl’s example and make similar adjustments to their pricing,” de Boo added.

Pricing of plant-based products will be a key subject at ProVeg’s New Food Conference in Berlin later this month as well as at a Retailer Roundtable, also organised by ProVeg, which will bring top European retailers together to chart the future for plant-based foods. 

“As well as making plant-based foods more available, consumer research conducted and commissioned by ProVeg has also found that plant-based foods need to meet consumers’ needs in terms of taste and satiety,” de Boo said. 

“Manufacturers and retailers need to share how such products help maintain a healthy lifestyle. So nudging is also about providing information, and educating consumers about the great benefits of plant based foods,” she added. 


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