ProVeg celebrates World Pulses Day by urging increased bean consumption worldwide

World Pulses Day highlights the significance of the Beans is How campaign

February 10th marks World Pulses Day, an occasion recognized by the United Nations to honor the nutritional and environmental advantages of pulses globally. These pulses, comprising lentils, beans, peas, and chickpeas, are not just integral to human health but also serve as pivotal elements in promoting sustainable agriculture and ensuring food security worldwide.

This year’s theme for World Pulses Day, “Nourishing Soils and People,” underscores the dual impact of pulses on human well-being and environmental sustainability. In a world grappling with interconnected challenges like malnutrition, climate change, and biodiversity loss, pulses offer a multifaceted solution.

“As a leading advocate for food awareness, ProVeg understands the pivotal role beans and legumes play in reshaping our food landscape,” stated Daniel Nyitray, International Campaign Manager. “That’s why ProVeg has joined forces with Google, the Bezos Earth Fund, and over 40 other organizations for the Beans is How campaign. Together, we are championing the doubling of global consumption of beans, peas, pulses, lentils, and legumes by 2028.”

Beans are a simple, affordable solution to global financial, health, and climate problems. They are nutritious, affordable, environmentally-friendly, versatile, and store well. Additionally, incorporating beans into agricultural practices improves soil and water quality, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and enhances resilience to extreme weather events.

To achieve the goal of increasing global bean consumption, ProVeg plans to collaborate with governments, businesses, NGOs, and individuals. Strategies include educational campaigns, policy advocacy, research and innovation, infrastructure development, and fostering culinary innovation.

In the next five years, ProVeg aims to make beans necessary, visible, exciting, and desirable. By improving malnutrition rates, supporting affordable healthy diets, and reducing the impact on climate change, beans are positioned as a food of the future.

“To encourage participation in this food adventure, ProVeg invites everyone to explore the world of beans and legumes and try delicious recipes. With every bean-based meal, individuals contribute to a kinder, greener, and tastier future, said Nyitray.”

Here are some recipes to inspire you! 

You can find many more delicious plant-based recipes on our website.


Notes to Editors

For media inquiries, email Jillian LaBruzzo or Peter Rixon at [email protected]

For questions about the campaign, email Daniel Nyitray at [email protected]

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