ProVeg welcomes IKEA’s plan to “remove or replace” dairy products


The Swedish retail giant serves food to 520 million people per year across the world

Food awareness organisation, ProVeg International, has today welcomed the publication of IKEA’s Sustainability Report FY22 in which the global retail outlet states that it will actively remove dairy products.

On page 13 of the report, the company states: “We continue to explore where and how we can remove or replace dairy in our range (without compromising on taste) to further reduce the climate impact of our food ingredients.”

“This is a very positive move by IKEA which ProVeg International very much supports,” Jasmijn de Boo, Vice President of ProVeg, said. 

“The dairy industry is responsible for mass river pollution, greenhouse gas emissions –  including the much more dangerous gas methane – compacted soil, increased risk in antimicrobial resistance, as well as animal suffering and crops wasted on animal feed which causes excessive energy, water and land loss. We thank IKEA for its commitment to reducing its contribution to this destructive food production system,” de Boo added.

IKEA says it will continue to expand its plant-based food range because “the climate footprint of plant-based food is often lower compared to animal-based options” and “a plant-based diet with high nutritional value can also be a healthier choice,” the company’s report notes. 



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