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Pet food 2.0 – Omni’s role in the next generation of nutrition

Three years ago they were a ProVeg Incubator start-up – now, they promise European expansion, cultivated pet food, and more

In the US, 20% of farmed land animals (i.e. billions) are used in the pet food industry.1 It’s also been estimated that pet food is responsible for 25–30% of the US livestock sector’s environmental impacts.2 For advocates of alternative proteins, it is becoming increasingly clear that we must look beyond solutions to human meat consumption; what we feed our pets is also crucial. 

Fortunately, in addition to the significant benefits for the environment and farmed animals, a growing body of research is showing that a nutritionally sound plant-based diet can be just as healthy, if not healthier, for dogs, and potentially also cats. In fact, this was the main motivation for Omni’s Co-Founders to launch the plant-based dog food start-up, now a market leader in the alternative protein pet food space. 

Dr Guy Sandelowsky, a veterinarian and self-proclaimed dog lover, began looking into novel sources of pet nutrition after his own dog fell ill on a meat-based diet. Spurred on by a concern for rising rates of cancer and obesity in dogs and cats, and a sense that veterinary practice was not focussing enough on preventative healthcare methods, he joined forces with ex-investment banker Shiv Sivakumar and founded Omni. 

A ProVeg Incubator start-up, Omni has moved from success to success. Building a health-first brand based on veterinary knowledge and scientific credibility, they are the only plant-based pet food company in the UK to have peer-reviewed scientific research supporting their products. After expanding into Western Europe, they achieved over 100% growth in 2023, accompanied by seven-figure yearly sales. 

Their product line includes nutritionally complete kibble, wet-food cans and toppers to increase palatability with a meaty taste and texture, and newly launched range of supplements with functional benefits. Omni even plan to expand into the nascent cultivated pet food space this year, and tease the launch of a ‘world-first’ product in this interview. 

We sat down with Co-Founder and Co-CEO Shiv Sivakumar to learn more about this up and coming industry. 

Bitesize interview highlights

Watch the full interview and discover: 

  • The Omni origin story and ProVeg Incubator roots
  • Data on Omni’s sales and growth to date
  • The challenges and opportunities in the alt-protein pet food industry
  • Omni’s plans to launch a cultivated pet food product

To learn more about plant-based pet food and Omni’s role in the market, a range of resources are available here. If you’d like more support on your alternative protein strategy, please visit the New Food Hub and contact ProVeg’s experts at [email protected]


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