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9 Plant-Based Recipes for Eid

This year, the Muslim holy month of Ramadan comes to a close on 10 April, with the occasion marked by Eid al-Fitr, one of the biggest festive holidays on the calendar. Breaking a multi-week fast calls for amazing food – and plenty of it. 

While Eid is celebrated in different ways worldwide, and each family has its own tradition, the common denominator is an abundant spread of delicious dishes. In this article, we’ve gathered nine recipes found on the tables of Muslim families and communities around the globe, but with a plant-based twist.

Photo credit: Theofano Vetouli

Middle Eastern Lentil Soup
This Middle-Eastern lentil soup is the perfect way to start your Eid feast, featuring ras el hanout for a spicy kick, and red lentils for protein. Serve it with a dollop of soy yogurt and warm pita bread.

Find the recipe here.

Recipe and photo credit: Veganlovlie

Mauritian Vegan Biriyani
This Mauritian ‘biriyani’ is slightly different from the Indian version as it uses a different blend of spices. This dish is traditionally served on many special occasions, including weddings, engagements, and, of course, Eid.

Discover how to make it here.

Recipe and photo credit: Rainbow Plant Life

Chickpea Tagine
A tagine or tajine is a wide-based clay cooking pot with a cone-shaped lid which creates tender and deeply flavorful stews, with the meal named after the cooking pot. This plant-based version blends the traditional mix of sweet and savory flavors with chickpeas, vegetables, dried fruit, and spices.

Learn how to make it here.

Recipe and photo credit: Now Now Foods

Cape Malay Curry
This tangy, South African curry features sweet potato, aubergine and red kidney beans, lovingly marinated in a Cape Malay spice mix that features aromatics such as garam masala and cinnamon. Traditionally made with meat, this plant-based version packs a vibrant punch that is perfect for celebrating Eid.

Find the recipe here.

Recipe and photo credit: Dimple Sokartara

Jackfruit Rendang
As the second meal of the day, the traditional Indonesian dish rendang is a wonderful choice for breaking a fast. This plant-based version uses young canned jackfruit which acquires a soft texture during cooking and is excellent at absorbing any flavors added to the stew. This delicious recipe was created by Dimple Sokartara, founder of the Ivtar organization Dimple which organizes Indonesian vegetarian Iftars every year.

Discover the recipe here.

Recipe and photo credit: Holy Cow Vegan

Zarda (or Meethe Chawal) is an Indian Muslim delicacy. Long grains of fragrant basmati rice are flavored with saffron and tossed together with dry fruits and sugar. It’s food at its regal best, but it’s also an easy recipe that can be put together in under 30 minutes. Traditionally made with ghee, it can be easily adapted to plant-based by using coconut oil instead.

Learn how to make it here.

Recipe and photo credit: Plant Based Arab

Makloubeh (Palestinian Flipped Rice)
This plant-based version of the traditional Palestinian layered rice dish (known as Maqluba) is a fusion of earthy flavors. Featuring hearty vegetables, aromatic spices, and a ‘meaty’ texture, courtesy of the tofu and chickpeas, it’s a delicious centerpiece and the ultimate comfort food for your Eid table.

Find the recipe here.

Recipe and photo credit: Sanjana Feasts

Creamy Plant-based Rice Kheer (Rice Pudding)
This plant-based rice kheer recipe is a plant-based twist on the classic Indian rice pudding. The tender grains of rice are fragrant and have all the flavors of the classic original  – minus the dairy!

Find the recipe here.

Recipe and photo credit: Izzah Cheema (Tea for Turmeric)

Pakistani Semolina Halwa
Sooji (or Suji) ka Halwa is a Pakistani and Indian dessert made with semolina. This simple, classic dessert recipe uses only five basic ingredients and takes a total of 20 minutes to prepare. To make it plant-based, simply follow the note to swap ghee for vegetable oil – and voila!

Discover how to make it here.

We hope that you enjoy these nine plant-based recipes perfect for feasting with your loved ones. Wishing you a wonderful Eid Mubarak, from all of us at Proveg! 

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