Accelerating plant-based innovation in China


2019 was a crucial year for ProVeg and plant-based food innovation in China. Historically, plant-based eating in the country has been limited to a small number of people who have shifted their diets in response to the global issues of health and environmental protection. The establishment of a ProVeg team in the world’s most populous country represents a huge opportunity.

ProVeg China has strengthened its relationships with key influencers in the mainstream Chinese food industry – including manufacturers and scientists – and is actively participating in building a new future for sustainable development in the region. Towards the end of the year, ProVeg participated in two key events:

Shanghai Society of Food Science 40th Anniversary Conference

On 28 and 29 November 2019, the Shanghai Society of Food Science (SSFS) Annual Conference took place for the 40th time. This food-industry development forum invited experts and professors from the food industry, as well as government officials from the food and safety sectors, to share topics related to food consumption, nutrition, and functional-product innovation research and development, as well as food-safety policies and regulations. 

ProVeg was honored to participate in the annual conference. Shirley Lu, Greater China Country Director for ProVeg International, delivered a speech about the innovative possibilities of plant-based food and moderated an event on brand building and development.

Pan Yingjie, the chairman of SSFS, said that the organization will in future make better use of resources such as ‘research, education, and industry’, while adhering to food safety, advocating the development of food technology, improving awareness of food-based health, and promoting the development of the food industry. He also announced the calendar of events for 2020, which includes a partnership with ProVeg to launch the Plant-based Food Innovation Contest in 2020.

Shanghai Society of Food Science 40th Anniversary Conference

Trend Watch

In order to keep its high-level stakeholders up-to-date with the latest plant-based innovations and market trends in the global plant-based sector, the Shanghai Society of Food Science also launched a series of events called Trend Watch. ProVeg was represented by Shirley Lu, who also helped to shape the first event. 

The first edition of the event featured a talk from Chuck Muth, Chief Growth Officer of Beyond Meat – a leader in the plant-based protein space – who used his insights and practical guidance to talk about global developments in plant-based foods, the latest plant-protein technologies, and Beyond Meat’s approach to growth. The event attracted more than 70 participants from food technology institutes, food companies, and distributors, including Dupont, Lee Kum Kee, Master Kong Convenience Food, and Hema Supermarket. Additionally, participants expressed great interest in working as mentors for the upcoming Plant-based Food Innovation Contest.

Plant-based food innovation to create a sustainable future

It’s still early days for ProVeg in China but these two key events, along with ProVeg’s partnership with the Shanghai Society of Food Science, will help to accelerate a shift towards a more sustainable food system in the world’s most populous country.

ProVeg at the UN Environment Assembly

As an accredited organization we are now able to increase our global impact on a structural and institutional level.


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