Standout plant-based products at Anuga 2019

With 7.500 exhibitors and 10 trade shows under one roof, this year’s Anuga food and beverages fair – the largest fair of its kind in the world – attracted more than 170,000 trade visitors from 201 countries, in an exhibition space covering 284,000 m². A big highlight was the new Boulevard of Inspiration, which showcased various innovative products from the exhibitors, as well as the latest market and consumer trends.

Around 30% of the exhibitors presented plant-based products, proving that the plant-based market is no longer just a trend but a key driver for business growth. ProVeg’s Food Industry & Retail experts visited the fair to sample the newest plant-based product, and, once again, we identified the standouts at this year’s show.

Category: Plant-based meat

Photo: Beyond Meat
Photo: Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat – Beyond Sausage

Loved by meat-eaters and vegans alike, the Beyond Burgers have already conquered the world. Beyond Meat have now also developed an alternative to the traditional sausage, which comes with the advantage of being fully plant-based, with 38% less saturated fat and 43% less total fat. We look forward to seeing it on supermarket shelves in the coming years and believe it will soon be as popular as the Beyond Burger.

Food Evolution – Bacon Cubes

Food Evolution has created plant-based chicken chunks, bacon cubes, and beef stew. The team works hard on creating products with ingredients that are the flagship of the Italian culinary tradition. The bacon cubes were delicious, and would fit in any dish that traditionally uses bacon! Check out Food Evolution’s website for some mouth-watering recipes to experience these newcomers in action.

Photo: Planty of Meat

Planty Of Meat – Planty-of-burger

A delicious, high-quality source of protein and 100% plant-based, the Planty-of-Burger is another promising addition to the plant-based burger landscape. The burger features peas and sunflower seeds as its main ingredients and does not contain any common allergens. It is found in the frozen-foods section and comes in a package of eight patties.

Category: Plant-based dairy

Photo: Violife

Epic Mature – Violife

Violife is known for its extensive range of delicious plant-based cheeses, which are free from common allergens such as lactose and gluten, as well as being soy- and nut-free but full of cheesy flavor. The new Epic Mature from Violife tastes like cheddar and has a crumbly texture. If you haven’t found your plant-based cheese favorite yet, you should give this a try once it hits local supermarket shelves!

Photo: Magda Jogurty

Magda Jogurty – Planton & Vegup Bio Magda was founded in 1991 as a Polish family company. With roots in the dairy industry, they have now launched a plant-based product range, with the line: “After almost 30 years, we are changing for you.” Clean-label, low in fat, and deliciously creamy, this coconut-based yogurt is set to delight everyone, not just vegans.

Category: Plant-based snack

Ostseegrüne – Obst-mix Wholesaler Østseegrüne sells Estonian products that focus exclusively on the production of regional products, primarily from organic agriculture, which promote a healthy lifestyle. These fruit gums are free from preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and colourings, making Obst-Mix (fruit mix) a perfectly healthy snack for every sweet tooth!

Category: Plant-based innovation

© Facebook Friendly Viking's
Photo: Friendly Viking’s

Friendly Viking’s – Oat-everything Friendly Viking’s are purveyors of a creamy and outstanding oat-based yogurt, which they have dubbed Oatgurt. But what really caught our attention was their range of products made from premium Nordic oats. The company not only produces oat drinks with added vitamins and minerals but, recognizing their first-mover advantage, they have also developed plant-based alternatives to creme fraiche and sour cream. Sour Oat and Oat Fraiche are indeed products that are generally absent from the market, despite the high demand for such products.

Category: First-generation revamp

Scelta Mushrooms – Burger Peas and soy are established and familiar plant-based burger bases. But what about mushrooms? We are convinced that they are perfect for creating the umami flavor of the traditional burger. Additionally, mushrooms are considered a superfood, produce Vitamin D when exposed to UV light, and are one of the pioneering crops of vertical farming.

Category: Best concept

Photo: P(v)re

Tops Food – P(v)re Vegan Lasagna Got no time for cooking? Tops Food is looking out for you. They have developed a new product line of clean-label ready meals with a catchy design and a sustainability claim. Their Vegan Lasagna is a delicious, quickly-prepared, and guilt-free meal. P(v)re won the Anuga’s Innovation Award for its unique sustainable packaging made from wood fibers and water.

Anuga is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year – a remarkable sign of its long-term support of the food industry. At ProVeg, we can’t wait to take our taste buds on another culinary journey next year, identifying the most outstanding plant-based products for you.

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