Discover your dream career with the 2040 Quiz

2040 may seem like a world away, but it’s closer than you think. But what will 2040 look like? Will it be a world where water and food are scarce, and we’re exposed to a barrage of natural disasters? Or will we enjoy a world with reduced CO2 emissions, a stable climate, and all beings living in harmony with each other? The decisions we make today will affect what our lives – and the lives of others – will be like in the future. In short, our food choices have the power to solve many of the world’s most pressing problems.

Your future awaits

In a world that’s changing faster than ever, planning for your future is crucial. If you’re looking for an exciting career path that aligns with your skills and values, the 2040 Quiz is here to help. But this isn’t your typical career quiz – it’s all about the jobs of the future! Get ready to explore 16 unique career options, from eco-conscious roles to tech-savvy positions, and take a sneak peek into what 2040 could look like for you!

Whether you’re a student choosing what to study, a young professional exploring new career paths, or are simply curious about your potential in the ever-evolving job market, this quiz offers an innovative way to discover your true calling. A better world is possible, and you can help to shape it!

We’ve collaborated with psychologists to match your unique qualities and passions with a job we’ve imagined for a utopian future where all careers benefit the planet and its inhabitants. Showcasing careers that are promising and personally fulfilling, the quiz considers your strengths and interests and applies them to our vision of the future. It’s essentially a journey into the unknown, revealing the infinite possibilities that lie ahead!

Why take the 2040 Quiz?

What sets the 2040 Quiz apart is its focus on forward-thinking roles. While other quizzes might stick to careers available today that might not reflect your values and hopes for a better world, this platform explores 16 different potential jobs that could shape the job market in 2040.

You’ll discover careers that are as diverse as they are intriguing. From reforesters to food-security analysts and flavour therapists, this quiz offers a window into a sustainable future. isn’t just a career quiz – it’s a portal to a new world of possibilities.  

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