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Fava beans: The legume with multiple names and functions

Fava beans are one of four high-potential crops that the Smart Protein Project is focusing on. These wonder beans are rich in protein, highly nutritious, and a healthy addition to every diet. Nearly forgotten by most consumers, they will soon regain their former strength on the food market thanks to Smart Protein. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy this journey through the world of fava beans.

Fava beans: The polynym pulse

Fava beans are the edible seeds of the legume crop Vicia faba, otherwise known as faba beans, horse beans, or broad beans. The seeds are around 2 to 3 cm long and occur in various colours, including yellow, green, brown, black, and even violet. Regardless of the name and colour, these pulses are consumed by humans worldwide, although the majority of fava crops are a  key source of livestock feed. The size of fava beans determines their purpose – large seeds are normally used for human food, while small and medium-sized seeds are mostly used for animal feed (although even the small ones can be consumed by humans). The Smart Protein project will help to create a shift from these beans being used for animal feed to being directly used for human consumption, so that we can benefit from their healthy nutrients and their delicious, creamy taste.

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