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10 insightful films to support your plant-based journey

Are you looking for meaningful and insightful films to inspire you, your family, and friends to follow a plant-based diet? Here is a wide-ranging selection of films that focus on the compelling arguments for eating a more plant-based diet: health, nutrition, animal suffering, and the environment.

The Game Changers

US, 2019 Director: Louie Psihoyos

The Game Changers is a revolutionary documentary about meat, protein, and strength. Following former Ultimate Fighter and Elite Special Forces trainer James Wilks, the film seeks to challenge the protein myth and answer the question most frequently asked of those following a plant-based diet: “So, where do you get your protein?” The Game Changers answers this question by showcasing high-profile plant-based sportspeople, including Olympic athletes, NFL players, boxers, weightlifters, and bodybuilders. The film also features passionate plant-based advocates, including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lewis Hamilton.

Eating Our Way to Extinction

UK, 2021 Director: Ludo Brockway, Otto Brockway

Our modern eating habits and lifestyles have resulted in unprecedented levels of environmental destruction, including climate change and biodiversity loss. Eating Our Way to Extinction uncovers the hard truths with compelling testimonials, shocking imagery, and powerful statistics and graphics that show how our diets directly affect the health of the planet. Filmmaker brothers Ludo and Otto Brockway investigate the effects of animal farming on the planet’s climate, land use, and biodiversity. This compelling documentary addresses how the consumption of animal-based meat and dairy products is destroying the earth, and forces people to question and rethink their food choices.


South Korea, 2017 Director: Bong Joon-Ho

Okja is a lovely but disturbing film about the friendship between a young girl called Mija and her adorable genetically modified ‘super pig’ Okja. The film follows the odd couple as Mija tries to rescue her best friend from the horrors of the meat industry. Director Bong Joon-Ho successfully uses the sci-fi genre to highlight the real-life situation of intensive factory farming. Through its powerful, informed, and deeply humanizing storytelling, the film explores the ethics of eating animals. Okja’s message has inspired many people to question where our food comes from and to change their diets.

Meat Me Halfway

US, 2021 Director: Brian Kateman, Journey Wade-Hak

Meat Me Halfway tells the story of Brian Katemen, who explores the various aspects of meat consumption during his journey across the United States. He approaches people who love eating meat and tries to convince them to cut back on their consumption. This calm and balanced documentary contains a simple but powerful message: reducing the consumption of animal-based products can help to save the planet and its animal populations.

David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet

UK, 2020 Director: Alastair Fothergrill, Johnathan Hughes, Keith Scholey

The documentary A Life on Our Planet is 93-year-old David Attenborough’s terrifying account of the global environmental crisis, including climate change, deforestation, overfishing, and exponential population growth. This beautifully made film also chronicles Attenborough’s extraordinary life, including his journey to the rainforests of Borneo and other remarkable spots. The last 30 minutes of the film moves from tragedy to action, looking at the many ways in which we can help to save the planet. 

They’re Trying to Kill Us

US, 2021 Dir: Keegan Kuhn

Have you ever wondered why people of color in the United States suffer from disproportionately higher rates of chronic disease than white Americans? They’re Trying to Kill Us is a powerful documentary about food injustice, racism, and chronic disease. The film exposes the injustices experienced by communities of color in the US, as well as looking at the food corporations and medical organizations that are profiting off sick people. This film will change your perspective on nutrition and social justice.

Eating You Alive

US, 2018 Dir: Paul David Kennamer Jr

A detailed examination of the relationship between diet and health, Eating You Alive makes a compelling case for how our eating habits can be both the cause of and the solution to serious chronic illnesses such as obesity and heart disease. The documentary takes on America’s food industry, big pharma, and doctors to show how they are only treating the symptoms rather than curing chronic illnesses. Eating You Alive is an attempt to bring together quality research on what we eat and its impact on human life.

Racing Extinction

US, 2015 Dir: Louie Psihoyos

Racing Extinction is a visually stunning film about the fight for our planet’s wildlife that takes viewers on a journey around the world in order to expose the growing threat of extinction, bringing to light the profound impact of overpopulation, globalization, and animal agriculture. The film refers to Baiji and Hawaii as recent examples of extinction events and identifies the amphibian extinction crisis, the overfishing of sharks for shark-fin soup, and fishing bycatch as current causes for concern. The powerful message, high-tech visualizations, and beautiful images make Racing Extinction a must-see film.

Don’t Look Up

US, 2022 Dir: Adam McKay

Don’t Look Up is a clever and insightful satire about a future America so consumed with celebrities, brain-numbing infotainment, social-media popularity, and political power that it refuses to take the impending destruction of the planet seriously. In this film, a group of scientists attempt to stop a planet-destroying comet in order to save humanity. But those who can do something about it don’t care. Don’t Look Up functions as a satirical and somewhat cynical allegory for climate change without ever actually mentioning it.

Before the Flood

US, 2016 Dir: Fisher Stevens

Before the Flood is a star-studded rally crying for the need to save the world in the face of the impending climate crisis. The film features Leonardo DiCaprio, who embarks on a journey to discover what’s driving one of the most pressing challenges facing our planet. The various conversations with scientists, activists, officials, world leaders, and ordinary citizens capture the personal  experiences of global warming. The documentary is an urgent call to action in order to save ourselves from extinction by reversing course – before it’s too late.

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