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Flexitarianism on the rise in the Czech Republic


The Czech Vegan Society becomes ProVeg Czechia

We are excited to announce that the Czech Vegan Society (CVS) has joined ProVeg and become ProVeg Czechia. Their work from the past few years is already having a substantial impact – a quarter of Czechs are currently reducing their meat consumption!

Czech Republic presents ample opportunities

CVS has been actively working on reducing barriers to plant-based eating in the Czech Republic by educating and supporting organisations, institutions, decision makers, businesses, and individuals since 2018. According to data from research by FMCG Gurus (commissioned by CVS), 25% of Czechs are currently reducing their meat consumption, with 21% of respondents identifying as flexitarians and 6% not consuming meat at all. Given how meat-based contemporary Czech cuisine is, these numbers are particularly impressive. With this new country branch, ProVeg is moving from strength to strength in Europe.

Reasons for decreasing meat consumption

The survey commissioned by CVS explored the reasons why Czechs are reducing their meat consumption. Most reducers are doing so for their health (68%), followed by environmental (59%) and animal welfare concerns (42%). Interestingly enough, 22% of respondents who are reducing their meat consumption are doing so to save money, more evidence that a plant-based diet can be very affordable.

Flexitarians generally try to reduce their consumption of animal-based products, eating them only occasionally. We welcome this shift in eating habits and it is great that a quarter of the Czech Republic’s population are already reducing their consumption of meat and other animal-based products.

Martin Ranninger

Country Director, ProVeg Czechia

5 Reason to be ProVeg

Many of the world’s most urgent problems share a common cause: our food choices. ProVeg is dedicated to raising awareness of how we can tackle these problems through diet.

Meat and dairy alternatives are increasing in popularity

One in five Czechs already includes plant-based meat alternatives in their diet on a regular basis. When asked why they choose meat alternatives, respondents said they consider alternative products to be healthier (73%), more trustworthy (62%), better for the environment (69%), and easier to digest (32%). Czech consumers are also increasingly interested in plant-based alternatives to dairy products. They tend to choose dairy alternatives because they are better for the environment (72%), taste better than regular dairy products (71%), are healthier (65%), and because they like to try new products (41%). Half of those who purchase dairy alternatives emphasised that they want alternatives to taste very similar to conventional dairy products.

“We have noticed that more and more people are reducing their consumption of animal-based products for ecological reasons. It is an easy step that people can take to tackle the climate crisis, several times a day,” said Ranninger.

Diet Change, Not Climate Change

Climate change doesn’t need to be overwhelming. By shifting to a more plant-based diet, YOU can tackle the climate crisis with your fork today. Take action NOW.


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