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ProVeg Launches Food Innovation Challenge in Southeast Asia

In January, ProVeg launched the Food Innovation Challenge across Southeast Asia with the support of World Animal Protection. Entry to the challenge is now open to students who are passionate about promoting a sustainable lifestyle, creating delicious healthy food, and reducing animal consumption.

Challenge will nurture young talent

The Food Innovation challenge aims to reduce the consumption of animal-based products to support global health, environmental sustainability, food security, and animal welfare. Following the success of the 2020 ProVeg Plant-based Innovation Contest in China, the Food Innovation Challenge will nurture future talent from universities all over Southeast Asia. 20 Universities from across 9 countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar,  Indonesia, and the Philippines) are expected to participate in the challenge. Teams of participating students will compete to win cash prizes up to 5,000 USD. The Challenge is supported by leading food-industry players such as Beyond Meat, CPF, HaoFood, Nestle, Oatly, and Unilever. 

Southeast Asia embraces plant-based innovation

By making delicious, safe, and affordable plant-based foods as accessible as possible, the Southeast Asia region will be able to accommodate growing demand for sustainable food. The region represents approximately 8.5% of the world’s population – or more than 655 million people. According to the World Economic Forum, the expanding middle class in the region, along with a rise in health awareness, is leading to an increasing demand for plant-based food. The Asia Pacific region has the largest share of plant-based consumers globally. Given the increasing awareness of health and environment, the region is also expected to constitute the largest share of the global plant-based food sector in the near future. By launching the Food Innovation Challenge, ProVeg wants to help transform the most innovative, impactful, and sustainable plant-based food ideas into successful quality products.

[proveg_book title=”PLANT-BASED DEVELOPMENTS IN CHINA IN 2020″ author=”” description=”The ongoing pandemic is still affecting most of the world and almost all areas of life. Despite the uncertain times, Proveg China managed to organise three key events towards the end of the year.” image=”67926″]

Challenge details

Ideas should be submitted by 13 March, with final proposals ready by June. Online webinars and local events organised by student societies to support idea development, will run from mid-January to March, with corporate mentorship and assistance with proposal development available until May. The final award ceremony will take place in June 2021. 

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