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Latest UK ruling is a stride forward for the plant-based movement

ProVeg welcomes and supports today’s UK ruling that ‘ethical veganism’ has been recognised by law as a protected philosophical belief.

Ethical veganism is a ‘philosophical belief’ and protected by law

The ruling means that vegans (who refrain from eating any food product derived from an animal, often because of ethical beliefs), are entitled to protection from discrimination. This is great news not only for vegans, but for every person taking steps towards a more plant-based diet. It is also a victory for tolerance and understanding.

Another sign of a new decade

The ruling is the latest in a long line of strides forward for the plant-based movement, including the reversal of the veggie burger ban, which ProVeg successfully campaigned against in the Netherlands last month. It is another sure sign, at the start of a brand new decade, that we are accelerating along the path to a more plant-based future.

‘Veggie burger’ ban has officially been halted in the Netherlands

New Dutch policy goes against a proposal from EU Parliament that seeks to ban terms like ‘veggie burger’ and ‘veggie sausage’ when describing plant-based food alternatives.

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