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Meet the new Youth Board!

ProVeg is thrilled to announce the launch of this year’s Youth Board! 20 young people from around the world have joined us for 2024 to advocate – together with our UN Team – for a shift towards sustainable food systems and plant-based diets. The board will be engaged in activities throughout the year, working towards the climate negotiations at COP 29, this year’s edition of the annual UN Climate Change Conference, which takes place in Azerbaijan at the end of the year. Meet the 2024 Youth Board Members and read about their outstanding work below: 

Gauri Nimbalkar, 18, India 

Gauri is the founder of the Association for Youth Well-Being, and works alongside members of UN entities, grassroots organizations and civil societies, globally and locally, advocating for health and well-being, sustainable food systems, and gender equality as key strategies to tackle the climate crisis.

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Sonia Youth Board Member 2024

Sonia Zanandrea, 27, Italy

Sonia is from Italy, but is currently living in Germany. With a Master’s degree in European Trade and Climate Diplomacy, she is dedicated to raising awareness around nutrition and sustainable food systems.

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Altamush Saeed, 28, Pakistan 

Hailing from Pakistan, Altamush is an interspecies-justice lawyer, academic, activist, and teacher. He is the founder and managing partner of Environmental and Animal Rights Consultants, the co-founder of Charity Doings Foundation Pakistan/USA, and Deputy Director, and Regional Director of North America for the World Moot on International Law and Animal Rights.

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Altamush Youth Board Member 2024
Natalie Youth Board Member 2024

Natalie Wright, 24, USA 

With a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and a master’s degree in Education Policy, Natalie specializes in localizing global goals and elevating local initiatives to the global stage. She leads the international-affairs work at the NYC Mayor’s Office of Food Policy, connecting the city’s food-policy plan to global policy and advocacy efforts.

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Navin Durbhakula, 20, USA

Navin is a junior at Harvard University, with a self-designed major in Sustainable Food and Health Systems. Navin is an avid public speaker and his talks on food sustainability, animal welfare, and public health have amassed more than half a million views.

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Navin Youth Board Member 2024

Maisie Kemp, 24, UK 

Maisie has a deep passion for advocating for sustainable food systems and a plant-based transition. She has a BA in Geography from University College London and an MSc in Nature, Society and Environmental Governance from the University of Oxford.

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Maisie Youth Board Member 2024
Heloisa Youth Board Member 2024

Heloisa Rigolon, 23, Brazil 

From an early age, Brazilian Heloísa Rigolon, understood the connections between climate change, environmental degradation, and our dietary habits.  She has been sharing her passion for plant-based gastronomy through workshops and conferences, focusing on foundational techniques that support plant-based diets.

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Geofrey Junior Waako, 25, Uganda 

Geofrey Junior Waako is a lawyer and the founder of the Ugandan non-profit Youth for Animals and Veganism Africa. He serves as the Executive Director of this youth-led organization, which encourages sustainable food systems, healthy diets, and is helping to build a future in which compassionate choices contribute to the well-being of the planet and all who live on it.

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Geofrey Junior Youth Board Member 2024
Katharina Youth Board Member 2024

Katharina Hofmann, 23, Germany

Katharina recently graduated from the London School of Economics with a degree in Behavioral Science. In her studies and practical experience, she is working on behavioral interventions that reduce the consumption of animal-based products.

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Jean Claude Niyomugabo, 24, Rwanda 

Jean Claude is an entrepreneur, sustainable-agriculture and climate-change advocate, social media influencer, and communication expert. He founded Agirite, a social enterprise that leverages the power of digital technology to improve messaging in sustainable agriculture, as well as access to information, skills in the agriculture value chain, and environmental sustainability.

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Jean Claude Youth Board Member 2024
Helen Youth Board Member 2024

Helen Monica Regina, 27, India

Helen is from India and currently resides in Germany, where she is studying for a masters degree in food quality and safety. Her goal is to advocate for a legislative framework that incorporates both diversified protein production and consumption while ensuring secure incomes and livelihoods for farmers and food workers.

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Belinda Ng, 23, Hong-Kong, China

Belinda has an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London. She works as a sustainability consultant and is passionate about accelerating the transition to a more regenerative and equitable food future. She is the co-founder of SustainaPod, a youth-led podcast that amplifies education and messaging around sustainability.

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Belinda Youth Board Member 2024
Joe Youth Board Member 2024

Joe Elgar, 25, UK 

Joe has an MSc in Environment and Sustainable Development, with a focus in international food systems and food security and their intersectional impact on social welfare. He is currently working with ProVeg UK on a project that forms part of the School Plates Program.

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Cogie Cogan, 21, Canada 

A passionate advocate for animal rights, Cogie is currently pursuing a degree in Animal Ethics and Sustainability Leadership at Huron University College and is committed to building a brighter future for animals.

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Cogie Youth Board Member 2024
Megan Youth Board Member 2024

Megan Chen, 20, Canada/USA

Megan Chen is an author, environmental activist, and social entrepreneur. She is a student at Stanford University, where she is  studying Sustainable Urban Design. She is the founder and Executive Director of The Urban Garden Initiative, an international nonprofit that focuses on environmental sustainability and gardening education.

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Joko Tri Rubiyanto, 26, Indonesia

Joko is currently studying Food Quality and Logistics at Wageningen University. He is involved in policy development, plant-based-meat innovation, and nutrition advocacy, and is committed  to sustainable agrifood technologies that will improve global food security and environmental sustainability.

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Joko Tri Youth Board Member 2024
Roman Youth Board Member 2024

Roman Davas-Fahey, 28, Australia 

Roman is passionate about fostering healthy, sustainable, and equitable food systems, and supports local and international advocacy efforts. He has recently completed a Masters in Environmental Studies, specializing in sustainable food systems.

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Julia Kozakiewicz, 28, Poland 

Julia is a passionate environmentalist and works as a policy advisor on the intersection of climate change and human rights. She sees food systems in the context of climate change, biodiversity loss, and the rights of humans and other beings. For Julia, the transformation of agriculture is a key priority in building a sustainable future.

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Julia Youth Board Member 2024
Ajdin Youth Board Member 2024

Ajdin Arnautovic, 25, Bosnia and Herzegovina

As Executive Director of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s first plant-based nonprofit, Ajdin is dedicated to farmed-animal advocacy and promoting sustainable, plant-based living. 

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Harriet Klepper, 21, Germany

Harriet, a German youth-climate activist, is currently studying at Bocconi University and Sciences Po Paris and. She advocates for sustainable plant-based food systems as a means of combatting and mitigating climate change. Harriet is passionate about youth inclusion and is committed to ensuring that young voices are heard in the transition towards a better future for all.

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