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ProVeg accredited to Climate Technology Center and Network

We are very happy to announce that ProVeg has been accepted as a member of the UN Environment Programme’s Climate Technology Center and Network (CTCN). This marks another important partnership between ProVeg and the United Nations, and represents a significant way in which ProVeg can contribute to the global conversation on climate change, environment, and food production.

Strong Focus on the Global South

With a strong focus on actors from the Global South, the CTCN promotes the accelerated, diversified, and scaled-up transfer of environmentally sound technologies for climate change mitigation and adaptation in developing countries, in line with the UN’s sustainable development priorities. 

As defined by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, climate technologies include any equipment, technique, practical knowledge, or skills that can be used for executing a particular activity that can be used to mitigate or confront climate change. The partnership will help ProVeg to increase our network, visibility, and credibility with UN agencies and actors. 

Three main CTCN activities

Membership of the Climate Technology Center and Network also allows ProVeg to engage in three core activities: technical assistance, outreach events, and knowledge-sharing and capacity-building activities.

The technical assistance aspects gives ProVeg the opportunity to participate in bids to implement projects in developing countries. Participation in the outreach events allows us to join the CTNC’s regional forums, regional climate weeks, and other  events, as well as connecting with various stakeholders. Finally, the knowledge-sharing and capacity-building activities provide a space for us to share our knowledge and know-how on climate technology and policy solutions. 

For ProVeg, the knowledge-sharing element is particularly interesting. We will use the extensive CTCN network to organize webinars and discussions, and share knowledge about the potential of plant-rich diets and plant-based meat alternatives to contribute positively to the climate-change, biodiversity-loss, and food-security crises, and to help us move towards more resilient food systems.

ProVeg Webinar Series

Join our corporate engagement and policy webinars to stay up to date with latest trends and developments in the plant-based sector and learn about policy measures for resilient food systems.

Talking about this exciting development, Raphael Podselver from ProVeg’s International Political Outreach Department, said, “We have been following the activities of the CTCN for quite some time and are thrilled to formally join the network. Technology transfers and knowledge sharing are crucial to building more resilient food systems, and we hope that our experience and networks around plant-based foods and sustainable diets will benefit other members of the CTCN.”

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