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ProVeg and Lidl collaborate to grow the plant-based sector

ProVeg is breaking new ground in its partnership with Lidl. Using social media to tap into new target groups, we highlight the advantages of a plant-based diet and thus help to increase the demand for plant-based alternatives. The resulting campaign shows the massive potential for food retailers to engage with their consumer base through social media in cooperation with ProVeg.

Previous Plant-based Workshop as foundation

With the success of Vegane Werkstatt by Lidl (Plant-based Workshop) in autumn 2019, the foundations for a productive partnership with ProVeg were laid. Together, we explored and discussed different plant-based alternatives, while the ProVeg Test Community contributed impactful ideas for product development, using a product configurator. Based on these suggestions, ProVeg and Lidl created innovative plant-based products together with customers, utilizing the expertise of nutrition experts and the know-how of chefs.

How has the partnership benefitted Lidl?

“The plant-based market is becoming increasingly important,” said a spokesperson from Lidl. “This is why we are continuously developing our plant-based product range in line with customer needs. Under our own brands ‘My Best Veggie’ and ‘Next Level Meat’ as well as other Lidl brands, we have been offering various plant-based products such as tofu, burger patties, and pizzas for some time now. We have innovatively expanded this plant-based expertise with the help of the community in the co-creation campaigns Vegane Werkstatt in October 2019 and Vegane Grillwerkstatt in May 2020.”

ProVeg provides plant-based knowledge to the broader public via social media

Now, we have taken plant-based engagement to the next level! With our comprehensive social media campaign in partnership with Lidl, we reached a community of more than 2.5 million people, most of whom do not usually engage with plant-based topics. And we did it just in time for the start of the barbecue season, providing facts and recipes for a plant-based barbecue. We also explained how choosing a plant-based kebab not only has a positive impact on animals, the environment and health, but is also linked to social justice issues.

A spokesperson from Lidl commented, “With ProVeg, we have found a strong partner who supported us with their expertise on everything regarding plant-based diets – including a workshop, a survey with its Test Community, tips and facts, and a live digital event on the Lidl Instagram channel, with video instructions for meals.”

In addition, we encouraged Lidl’s community to take part in a challenge on Fridays and asked them to take simple steps to make their barbecues more plant-based. The community was also asked to use their imagination to create a plant-based dish, using a handful of ingredients.

Highlights and outlook

At the grand finale of the Vegane Grillwerkstatt, Dirk Liebenberg from ProVeg’s Food Industry & Retail team took the Lidl community behind the digital scenes of a plant-based barbecue. Among other things, he showed how plant-based aioli is prepared. Liebenberg said, “The virtual barbecue was a successful completion of the second stage of ProVeg’s collaboration with Lidl. It was great fun to get close to the community and to show how simple and tasty plant-based barbecues can be.” In general, Dirk and his team conduct targeted market research and advise the food industry so that more and better plant-based products can be developed and made available.

“We will continue to work with ProVeg in the future and will, for example, offer them with our Vegan Wednesdays at Lidl-Kochen a high-reach platform for its content,” said a Lidl spokesperson.

ProVeg is looking forward to further collaboration with industry players

We are very happy that major retailers are encouraging engagement via social media channels with ProVeg’s support. Collaboration is the key to making knowledge about a plant-based diet available to a broad range of people in a short space of time. This will help us to reach new target groups and thus further increase the demand for plant-based alternatives. If you are interested in collaborating with ProVeg, please contact Dirk Liebenberg at [email protected].

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