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ProVeg at VeggieWorld Hangzhou

After a successful VeggieWorld in Hong Kong in March 2019, ProVeg helped to organise yet another successful edition of the event on the Asian continent in May. For the very first time, the popular trade fair took place in mainland China, in the city of Hangzhou.

Veggie World ventured outside Europe

Until 2018, VeggieWorld took place exclusively in Europe, where it is the largest and longest-running consumer fair with a focus on plant-based products. With plant-based eating trending all over the world, it’s not surprising that the organisers took the leap and ventured to the Asian continent in 2019.


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Exploring plant-based living

Over a period of three days, roughly 30,000 visitors were able to discover plant-based living in Hangzhou and sample delicious new products from local and international brands such as Beyond Meat, Just, Silk, Oatly, and Green Monday. Visitors explored ethical clothing, cosmetics, and other non-food products. Additionally, the event programme included an inspiring speech from ProVeg East Asia Programme Director Shirley Lu, who also joined a panel discussion with other key influencers from China.


Another VeggieWorld coming soon

The Hangzhou edition of VeggieWorld showed visitors that a plant-based lifestyle is not only sustainable and healthy but can also be a lot of fun! And it looks like Asia can’t get enough of it. After the successful debuts in Hong Kong and Hangzhou, the next VeggieWorld in the region will take place in Shanghai in May 2020. And once again, ProVeg will be there, helping to expand plant-based eating around the world!

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