We are delighted to announce that ProVeg is the first global NGO promoting alternative proteins to be given approval for a representative office in Shanghai, China.


Since 2021, we have been working towards being granted a license as an International non-governmental organization in China. It is the first time that an international NGO focused on supporting plant-based diets and cultured foods has received approval to open an office in China. The approval was given by the Council for Promotion of International Trade in Shanghai and the Administrative Office of Overseas NGOs of Shanghai Public Security Bureau.

The opening of this new office allows us to promote the new green-food economy and establish exchange around plant-based foods and cultured meat between China and international cross-sectors. Chinese consumers are sophisticated and demanding in terms of food flavors and textures. I expect they will be the key driver for breakthrough innovations in the region – and beyond.

Shirley Lu

Managing Director Asia for ProVeg


Meat consumption in China has been growing steadily since the 1970s. Today, China consumes 28% of the world’s meat, including half of all pig meat. However, early in 2022 China included cultured meat and other future foods in its five-year agricultural plan, which will surely spur more funding for research in the sector. China’s commitment to strengthening food innovation stems from both climate and food-security concerns. The country’s national dietary guidelines also encourage people to eat less meat and consume more fresh vegetables. In fact, a survey conducted in China in 2020 about attitudes towards plant-based meat products found that 85% of respondents were very willing or at least somewhat willing to try new plant-based meat dishes in restaurants.


In January 2020, ProVeg received its first governmental approval for temporary activities and has been active in the country ever since. We have organized several major campaigns, including the Plant-Based Food Innovation Challenge, which aims at accelerating innovation of sustainable future foods and nurturing university talent in the sector.

ProVeg also organized the New Cuisine Sustainable Food Service and Culinary Summit in China last year in order to equip foodservice professionals with the information and skills needed to make more sustainable food choices and pioneer future plant-based trends.


ProVeg China will continue to focus on promoting plant-based and cultured-food innovations in the country. We will also promote plant-based food innovation and trade, and facilitate international exchange around these activities. The opening of the new office will greatly improve ProVeg’s ability to support the drive towards healthier and more sustainable diets in China, with its long history of culinary culture.

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