Tell the EU to stop funding the climate crisis


Don’t you think it’s strange that the EU wants you to eat a more plant-based diet for the sake of the planet and your health while, at the same time, they want you to consume more meat and dairy products?

We also think this is weird! 

Greenpeace recently published a report showing that between 2016 and 2020, the European Commission spent 32% of its €776.7-million farm-product promotion budget on advertising campaigns for meat and dairy.1

The meat and dairy sectors are a leading cause of the climate- and the public health crisis. It makes no sense to promote them with public funds. The EU should rather use its advertising budget to promote healthy and sustainable lifestyles. 

This is your chance to tell the EU to stop the promotion of meat and dairy products and promote sustainable lifestyles instead.

How? By adding your voice to the public consultation. 

The consultation ends on 23June. The consultation form  takes about 10-15 minutes to fill out and you have to set up an account. Below we have attached our contribution to the public consultation. 

Unfortunately we cannot provide you with full answers to copy paste, as the EU will then count all contributions as 1 answer. But, we definitely think our suggestions to the closed questions can help you find your way. 

Good luck! (and tell your friends) 

Suggested Inputs

Please feel free to use our suggested answers! We can’t provide you with any text because your input might not be counted then, but feel free to add your own arguments if you’re feeling inspired.



  1. https://www.greenpeace.org/static/planet4-eu-unit-stateless/2021/04/20210408-Greenpeace-report-Marketing-Meat.pdf

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