The 10 best vegan podcasts – Is podcasting the new radio?


Nowadays, there is a podcast on almost any and every topic. Listening to podcasts is an efficient and increasingly  popular way of staying up-to-date on happenings in the world, getting in-depth insights into a particular topic, or simply giving yourself pleasing auditory company.

We have compiled a list of 10 vegan podcast suggestions for you – some are about new developments in the plant-based space, some about plant-based cooking tips, and some about the latest research. Our top picks are multifaceted but have one thing in common – the joys of plant-based living. 

Whether you would like something to entertain yourself while tidying your place or soaking in a bathtub, or something to brighten up your commute, there’s something for everyone on this list.

  1. The Korean Vegan podcast serves up weekly ´bites´ on a holistic range of topics from cooking to mental health, driven by a lot of personal storytelling. It’s hosted by Joanne Molinaro, a New York Times Bestselling Author who advocates for Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+, women’s rights, and democracy. In her own words she ‘veganises Korean food, and Koreanises everything else’.
  2. The Burning Case, a youth-led podcast hosted by Chloe Miko, is aimed at anyone who is open to critical discussions on how to ensure the future of our planet on multiple levels through radical democracy and political change. 
  3. The Plant-Based News Podcast is for those who want to stay up-to-date on all things vegan and plant-based. It covers trends, research, reviews, and a whole lot more. Podcast host Robbie Lockie, who is also the Co-founder and Director of Plant-based News, helps inform people about veganism and provides ongoing encouragement for the plant-based movement. 
  4. The Brown Vegan podcast gives practical tips and ideas about how to go vegan and how to stay vegan, as well as looking at vegan entrepreneurship. Host Monique Koch also helps people to eat more plants with her YouTube channel and blog of the same name.
  5.  The Our Hen House podcast comprises a series of interviews with artists, authors, activists, and changemakers who are working to end animal exploitation. Hosted by activist, author, and Senior Editor of VegNews, Jasmin Singer, together with lawyer and animal-law professor, Mariann Sullivan.
  6. Veggie Doctor Radio features science-backed plant-based wellness tips. Host Yami Cazorla-Lancaster is a board-certified pediatrician, wellness coach, Food For Life instructor, and mother. In her podcast, she shares tips for parents and families about plant-based nutrition, habit change, and health in general.
  7. The Plant-Based Morning Show keeps you updated on what is going on in the plant-based world. Filled with humor, entertainment, and fascinating facts, it streams every weekday at 11 am Eastern Time (or at 5 pm Central European Time, which makes it an afternoon show in Europe!). TPBMS is hosted by Matt Frazier, a New York Times bestselling author, ultramarathoner, and the founder of the No Meat Athlete movement, and Doug Hay, an ultrarunner, coach, and blogger.
  8. Just Beings features discussions on how to shift towards a more plant-based and just world. The show is hosted by actress, writer, and passionate animal advocate, Evanna Lynch (who you might know as Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter films), and Dr. Melanie Joy, a social psychologist and award-winning author.
  9. What The Focaccia?! is full of inspiring conversations about the different aspects of plant-powered living. Featuring discussions about growing, cooking, and eating plants, the show is hosted by inspiring plant-based chefs Niki Webster (of Rebel Recipes) and Bettina Bordi (of Bettina’s Kitchen).
  10. Wellness Unpacked with Ella Mills explores health in a welcoming and easy-to-digest way. Mills, who is best known for her ‘Deliciously Ella’ food blog, chats to doctors and scientists about the myths and realities of the plant-based lifestyle, and provides support for those on a journey to better habits.


Attention bookworms! ProVeg presents 10 of the most inspiring and helpful books about veganism. This list ranges from compact guides that will get you started on a plant-based lifestyle to instructions for effective communication and philosophical texts on various aspects of animal rights. Whether you’re new to the plant-based lifestyle or you’re a longtime veggie, these titles will broaden your knowledge.


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