UN agriculture initiative: ProVeg submits recommendations on plant-rich diets

As part of the 50by40 UNFCCC Action Group and together with 11 other NGOs, ProVeg has called for a set of future topics to be considered under the Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture (KJWA) at COP27 and beyond. In their joint submission, the coalition stresses the need to not only address climate-friendly agricultural production but also consumption practices, including diets, as a key element of more sustainable food systems. 

The Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture 

The Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture is an initiative under the United Nations’ convention on climate change that aims to address the role of agriculture in climate action. Adopted in 2017, the initiative includes expert meetings and the organisation of topic-specific workshops, such as manure management, food security, and livestock farming. ProVeg has been actively involved in this process, making pertinent recommendations on plant-rich production and consumption practices. Together with our partners, we’ve just submitted our fourth set of proposals on future topics to be considered by the initiative. 

The need to address sustainable diets 

While recognising the importance of the KJWA as a critical platform to bring food and agriculture into the climate discussions, the submission argues that a greater focus should be placed on the consumption side of food systems. In particular, governments should address the need to move towards more plant-rich diets and help citizens to make healthier and more sustainable food choices. 

ProVeg will also bring these topics to the upcoming UN climate conference, COP27. As part of the Food4Climate Pavilion, a COP event space co-organised by ProVeg and more than 20 partners, we will host an important side event on the future of the KJWA on 12 November, the official Agriculture and Adaptation Day. This event will feature representatives from the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and several key KJWA negotiators. 

The submission is supported by 50by40, Humane Society International (HSI), ProVeg International, the Aquatic Life Institute, Brighter Green, the Center for Biological Diversity, Compassion in World Farming, Feedback, Four Paws, Friends of the Earth, Real Food Systems, and the World Federation for Animals.

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